When we say: YouTube, besides being an entertainment platform, is gaining its pace for marketers, we mean it to the core. While one-quarter of internet users watch videos for 10 hours or more, YouTube boasts over two billion active users globally. Being the second largest search engine, YouTube blends the power of SEO with the impact of video, one of the most resource-intensive media forms ever. Instead of getting lost down a rabbit hole, the good news is, YouTube marketing for business is steadily emerging as an indispensable platform. Not convinced yet? Read along and jump into the sections that interest you the most. 

Brand your YouTube channel

The initial phase of YouTube marketing for business involves establishing your channel. Here, you’ll upload videos, curate playlists, engage with comments, monitor analytics, and more. However, merely creating a channel isn’t sufficient. It’s crucial to brand it effectively for consistency and heightened brand recognition. Customize these key elements on your channel to align with your brand’s style guide:

  • Profile picture
  • Channel description
  • Banner image
  • Custom URL
  • Social media links

Define your target audience

While you’ve started curating content, who are you making videos for? What kind of content does your target audience prefer? What kind of channels are they subscribing to? Not all potential customers are actively consuming YouTube content, so it’s vital to pinpoint your target demographic on the platform. Consider factors such as gender, age range, and geographic location. Understand the type of content they currently engage with, the channels they follow, and their motivations for being on YouTube. Utilize a blend of social media research and analytics, to grasp your audience’s challenges, inquiries, and objectives. In the field of YouTube marketing for business, developing an audience persona is pivotal. This would help you to visualize your target demographic, ensuring each video resonates with them effectively.

Conduct a competitive analysis

Competitive analysis is crucial when you go ahead with YouTube marketing for business. Identifying trends, uncovering keywords, and grasping audience preferences are the primary factors that help gaining pace. Analyzing competitors aids in setting achievable goals and benchmarks for video success. Think in the lines of: 

  • What do your competitors’ thumbnails look like?
  • What does your competitors’ posting schedule look like?
  • How are your competitors engaging with their audience?
  • What type of videos do your competitors publish?

Identify content voids that your brand or channel can occupy. Your competitors might overlook numerous video prospects. Seize those keywords or subjects before they catch up. Delve into rival videos and examine their strategies closely. Determine what resonates with their audience and what falls flat.

Craft your strategy around distribution 

Firstly, establish a reliable posting schedule and aim to captivate viewers within the first six seconds. Secondly, when you invest your resources in YouTube marketing for business, bear in mind that you can’t simply upload content on YouTube and expect your audience to stumble upon it. Just like any other channel, you need a well-thought-out strategy. A crucial component of this strategy is distributing your YouTube videos effectively. Consider hosting them on your website, sharing via email, incorporating them into your blogs, or distributing them. Get innovative and strategic with your distribution methods.

Experiment with YouTube Shorts 

Utilize shorts for YouTube marketing for business. The all-new YouTube Shorts empowers you to harness the potential of short-form video content. This caters to the growing trend of quick content consumption and mobile usage. Utilize Shorts to connect with audience who prioritize mobile devices and boost engagement for your brand. Create videos up to 60 seconds in vertical format, utilize the built-in audio, text, and filters to make your videos distinctive.

Utilize SEO like you would in a blog post 

YouTube SEO often gets overlooked in video marketing strategies, yet it’s pivotal for ensuring your content surfaces when it matters the most. The optimization process begins at the inception of video creation, particularly during the ideation phase. Without proper optimization of YouTube SEO techniques, your videos might be lost among the vast sea of unwatched content indefinitely. Conduct thorough keyword research to pinpoint the most suitable topics and angles for your videos. If you’re thinking in the lines of YouTube marketing for business, you would need to optimize the following elements upon publishing to enhance visibility.

  • Titles and descriptions: Incorporate primary and secondary keywords seamlessly. Consider translating titles into multiple languages for broader reach.
  • Tags: Include relevant words and phrases to provide both YouTube and viewers with insight into your video’s content. Although tags have diminished in importance, they can still impact search rankings.
  • Thumbnails: Analyze top-performing videos to identify effective thumbnail designs, particularly for specific keywords. Thumbnails featuring faces, expressions, and text tend to attract more clicks.

Bear in mind, YouTube’s algorithm favors videos with higher engagement rates. So, promote your content on various platforms to garner more views and provide an initial boost. Also, whenever you’re thinking in the lines of YouTube marketing for business,  interlinking videos needs to be prioritized. What you can do is, interlink your videos within your channel using cards and end screens. Encourage viewers to like, comment, and share your videos actively. Proactively engaging with your audience can yield surprising results.

Work with other YouTube influencers

Does collaborating with other YouTube influencers work? 70% of marketers believe so. On the platform, countless creators boast thousands of dedicated subscribers. Be it corporate video production or how-to tutorials, brands have the opportunity to collaborate with YouTubers within their niche. 

But prior to engaging with creators, establish a budget and utilize influencer marketing tools to pinpoint the ideal brand partner. Clearly outline expectations from the outset, share creative briefs, and involve creators in the planning stage to streamline the process. Plan logistics for product deliveries in advance, and continuously assess performance metrics to refine future strategies.


Youtube at present, is a serious marketing platform. While your audience craves learning new things everyday, do not miss a single opportunity to realize YouTube’s marketing potential. If you’re still with us, we’re sure youtube marketing piques your interest. At Brandshark, we excel in offering video production services for our clients, drawing on our expertise in the industry. As a premier video production company, we handle every step of the process, from concept inception to post-production, with professionalism and attention to detail. So, reach out to us and let’s make your dreams happen.