Product photography is a wow factor for the eCommerce industry. According to Forbes, 88% of shoppers characterize detailed product content as being extremely important to their purchasing decisions. Yes, coming up with unique and never seen approvingly creative product photography ideas can help you achieve the feat required in eCommerce sales.

It’s also true that the eCommerce industry is evolving rapidly and becoming increasingly competitive. The ideas that used to be a wow factor a few years back are drowning in shallows of regularity. Product photography is important for eCommerce businesses, as people consider product photography before buying anything online. In fact, 70% of online shoppers rely on product photos when deciding on a potential purchase.

This article puts together seven insane product photography ideas you can use to glow up your eCommerce store. You can also combine them with your creative product photography ideas to produce a unique product photograph.

7 Insane Product Photography Ideas

Use Proper Props

Using product photography props can enhance photos and some creativity to the final look. The props can be flowers, everyday materials, or kitchen cutlery in the case of food product photography. Using a variety of props could enhance the visual experience and ensure that your work stands out no matter where it is placed. Moreover, they will convey specific tones to your audience, and demonstrate the right usage of your products to the consumers.

You can utilize your chosen props in various locations, combinations, and tones, and take separate shots of the same goods to create a powerful catalogue for your eCommerce site.

Add Depth With Reflections

Reflections are a useful approach for adding depth and vitality to product photographs and prove to be an effective product photography idea. It is one of the useful product photography ideas that you can use for DIY product photoshoots.

You can use table tops with glass surfaces for reflections which can add a tad more creativity and class to a plain product photoshoot. Additionally, you can also use Photoshop software to edit and create a reflection effect. Incorporating product reflections proves to be most effective for fashionable wear and beverages.

Incorporating human Touch and Live Models

Introducing the human touch in any product photograph is a great product photography idea. Incorporating either hand, arms, or legs that depict how the product is used adds power to the overall image.

Showcasing products on models in product photography is a traditional tactic. The products are displayed in creative and appealing ways via models to make viewers get a more reasonable idea of how the product will look on them. Products photographed with models include clothes, jewellery, footwear, watches, etc. 

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Make Products Float

This product photography idea doesn’t require you to be a Photoshop wizard. With a thin and translucent fishing line, you can set up an effective shot to make your products seem like they are suspended in thin air.

The cord will barely show up in the final image. Additionally, you can do this in natural lighting and also with models.

Shots From interesting Angles

This product photography idea lets you be creative and bold at the same time. It lets you do something different than general for the products and places them among unique items. Different angles reveal the product’s different shapes and dimensions and even show them off in different light and reality.

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Create a Vivid Scene (Surreal)

Creating a vivid scene of products that can make your customers form a positive perspective around it is one of the most effective product photography ideas. Product photography is generally done for selling products, whether it’s a cosmetic, apparel, jewellery, or any product that you sell. It should depict a certain lifestyle. When potential customers see your product, they immediately form opinions and make decisions about it. You can influence the associations that are formed by creating a scene.

You can create scenes like- friends in a conversation, people acknowledging someone’s outfit at a party, a runner wearing a smartwatch to track his speed and many more. 

Consider creating a scene that reflects the purpose behind your product or the concept behind the same. 

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Add Creativity with Curtain lighting and Shadow effects

Lightings convey the ambience of your products and can determine the product’s mood and tone. Using translucent curtains as a light diffuser generates a soft and even lighting effect which helps create the desired mood around your images. This can effectively convey the contextual fragrance of your product and create wonders.

Shadows add depth to plain and simple backgrounds and enhance creativity with specific patterns you can form with shadow effects. Additionally, using dynamic shadows can give your product photos a bit more depth and fascination if you’re going for a borderline ambience.

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Your imagination can be the only limit when it comes to your creativity. So, it would help if you never stopped thinking about creating a unique frame. Emphasizing creative product photography in Bangalore can captivate the viewer’s thoughts by looking at your picture. Remember that your product image should not only have the capacity to convert visitors into prospective purchasers, but it should also appreciate the hands behind the camera and the thought behind showing them most appealingly.

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