The world is quickly becoming mobile, and if you haven’t yet created a mobile version of your business website, your competitors will be happy to handle this task on your behalf- By simply stealing your mobile site visitors from your area. Don’t believe us? Let us explain. You’ve probably seen a business website previously that isn’t optimized for mobile devices. You are in a hurry and looking through the menu of a potential new restaurant. To read anything or even browse the page, you must pinch and zoom in on each part. If your fingers are any bigger than those of a young child, you will tap on the erroneous link. God forbid that your fingers are any bigger than those of a child, or else you’ll tap on the wrong link. Needless to say, you leave the website frustrated and angry at the website creators and your giant fingers. 

The reality is that a large number of smartphone users won’t even bother trying to visit a business website that isn’t responsive to mobile devices. Moreover, why should they? Most likely, they can go back to the search results and visit one of your rivals who has an intuitive business website. If you are still debating whether or not you still need to make your website mobile friendly, we are here to put that debate to rest. Listed below are five reasons why your business website needs a mobile makeover. 

  1. “I Jump, You Jump, Right Jack?” – Build Your Trust

Establishing credibility and trust is a crucial step in any process of attracting new demographics or keeping hold of current client groups. Customers must be confident in the accessibility of your brand at all times as well as in its dependability, credibility, and trustworthiness. And how can you stand out, especially in a market when buyers are bombarded with messages, discounts, and advertisements? One of the best methods to achieve this sense of trust-building with your target audience is to create a mobile-friendly business website. By evolving your product offerings to meet and surpass client expectations, it proves to both new and existing customers that you are adaptable, versatile, and responsive to their needs.

  1. Higher Pageviews Per Visit And Lower Bounce Rates

An effective business website must offer a great mobile user experience. Visitors will be encouraged to spend more time on your website, traveling from page to page, learning more about your company, and having more opportunities to talk if it appears elegantly on small devices without the need to zoom, load quickly, and has a user-friendly mobile navigation system. One of the most efficient strategies to retain users on websites longer is to make them mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly business website lowers your bounce rate since people are more likely to stay on an easy-to-use website and are less likely to quit it.

  1. Dear Google, Please Like Us!

With the rise of Social Media, discussions over the legitimacy of SEO have begun, but Google is still unbeatable. SEO is more crucial than ever. Your SEO ranking improves with a website that is responsive and mobile-friendly. Your rating is impacted by your internet reputation. The Google algorithm created particularly for mobile devices is much more significant. This makes it possible to analyze your product more thoroughly, improving your SEO ranking.

  1. The Faster, The Better

Large graphics and horizontal layouts are preferred on business websites made for desktops, which might make them take longer to load on mobile devices. Additionally, mobile users are probably utilizing a data connection that isn’t as quick as a broadband or fiber connection. You must be certain that your website can function at a reduced speed. If you design your business website only for desktop users, it will be less likely to load fast on a mobile device. Anyone visiting a website will find it extremely annoying to see it jerk and leap as it slowly loads. They won’t want to do business with you or buy from you as a response. They’ll simply click away rather than waste time attempting to reload the website. Even if the design and content of your business website are exceptional, if it takes forever to load, the visitor won’t stay to view it in all its grandeur. Making your business website mobile-friendly is essential if you want to retain customers interested in the top-notch goods and services you provide.

  1. When In Rome Do As The Romans Do

When making an online purchase, 55.4% of customers prefer their mobile devices. Instead of waiting till they are seated at a desktop computer or laptop, it is easier and faster for them to search from the palms of their hands. Therefore, the mobile version of your business website frequently gives users their first impression of your business. Are you going to wow them with a fantastic user experience or perplex them with a cumbersome view? You only get one chance to make a good first impression. If the experience is poor, they will leave right away and discover your rivals.

Making a business website responsive forces you to prioritize what is essential. Smaller screens have less room, so the most significant text and graphics must take center stage. This will assist you in condensing the language and graphics into a manageable arrangement. Your audience will have a better understanding of what you stand for. A business website that focuses on being mobile-friendly will undoubtedly provide a positive first impression of your company. Designing for mobile devices can be challenging to master. Fortunately, BrandShark is a web development company in India, ready and willing to assist. BrandShark is India’s leading creative digital marketing company offering sui generis website development services. We are aware of how crucial a mobile-friendly website is to your company. However, we also recognize its success with supporting initiatives like social media, email marketing, PPC, and SEO. You can choose the services you require to flourish online with our all-encompassing strategy. Contact BrandShark now!