Large organizations, like the ones that thrive in the FMCG Sector, need a constant inflow of new customers to ensure smooth operations and an overall scaleup of the company. Long gone are the days when word of mouth and print ads were enough to drive up sales and boost profits. Since the advent of the internet and the evolution of social media, brands have been coerced into building a unique digital footprint and presence.

This case study focuses on the example of one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of bakery and food ingredients in India. The client in question deals with products such as bakery cake premixes, non-dairy whip topping creams, ice cream stabilizers, and more.

Brandshark – A creative digital marketing agency worked with the client intending to boost profits, increase engagement, and roping in new customers. Through targeted advertising, solid social media strategies, and effective FMCG marketing blueprint, a user-friendly website, and SEO practices, we were able to achieve

  • A 64.07% revenue growth in 2 months for the brand B2C eCommerce business.
  • 5000+ organic followers on the brand’s social media handle.
  • A massive boost in organic traffic, clicks, and impressions, with over 14K clicks and over 206K impressions in April and March.

The Problem

The client is a true pioneer in the food processing industry and has been standing out since 1982. The brand delivers high-quality products like bakery cake premixes, non-dairy whip topping creams, ice cream stabilizers and emulsifiers, Bioflex culture, cake gels, glazes, filings, cake decor, and more.

The food and bakery ingredients industry is a highly competitive marketplace. The brand, which until now depended on word of mouth to rake in new customers, wanted to increase its presence in the market and raise awareness about the brand through performance and FMCG marketing, and social media.

Another challenge hindering the brand’s growth was the website in place. The website was not optimized and lacked user-friendly elements, which consequently was driving mobile users and potential customers away.

SEO was a major hurdle obstructing the client’s online presence. The brand was ranking for only a handful of keywords and the website was not updated regularly with optimized content for bringing in traffic, costing the brand precious visitors and potential customers.

The Solution

Brandshark, after careful consideration and deliberation, curated a custom FMCG marketing strategy to address the pain points faced by the client. 

  • We developed an innovative social media strategy that revolved around creating valuable content that budding bakers found relatable, forming a baker community in the process. We also showcased the work of numerous bakers on the client’s feed in the hopes of strengthening the community and building a sense of loyalty amongst potential customers. This also fueled word-of-mouth marketing, further enhancing the brand image and awareness. 

Our efforts proved successful as we were able to grow our clients’ social presence from 4387 followers to 9496 followers in just 2 months.

  • Targeted advertising was undertaken by us for the client. Through this practice and a 360 FMCG marketing campaign, we were able to reach a wider audience, effectively promote products, and generate more revenue. 

Our approach yielded a 64.07% increase in revenue for the client in 2 months, with the revenue for April and March clocking in at INR 2,064,837.

  • The client was running a primitive website which hampered their growth greatly. We designed and developed a state-of-the-art website for the brand which had a clean and modern UI, making it easy to navigate and explore. It is also packed with features, including a blog, recipes, and a shop with distinct categories. The website has also been optimized for mobile browsers, which has greatly aided the client in bringing and retaining customers.
  • A major element of any successful FMCG marketing strategy is SEO. Our top-of-the-line SEO practices ensured an immediate spike in impressions and clicks on the clients’ website. With regularly updated and optimized content, we were able to reach new customers and rank effectively for relevant keywords. 

Our constant efforts resulted in a massive growth in impressions and clicks from 2.55K clicks and 32.4K impressions in February and March to 14K clicks and 206K impressions in March and April.

After strenuous efforts and novel approaches, Brandshark, with the help of our state-of-the-art FMCG marketing proposition was able to help the client effectively and efficiently improve their online presence, build a strong social media profile and boost revenue. Social media and digital marketing are proving to be pivotal for the growth of any brand in any industry and we are leaders in doing just that!

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