Businesses try every possible trick in the book to get public attention. Be it through traditional advertising or through a contemporary and a more aggressive approach of digital marketing, the aim of companies has always been to capture the attention of new customers and retain the existing ones by creating an engaging experience that ignites in them the desire to visit again.

A logo acts as a fix to such problems. Irrespective of how it may seem to people outside the marketing world, a logo is perceived to be the medium through which a company’s identity gets etched in the heart of the public they’re catering to. And therefore, a lot of thought and effort is invested in the pursuit to get it right.

Companies design logos that envelope in a message that reflects the values and ethos with which it functions. Here are some examples:

The iconic BMW roundel said to symbolize white aircraft propellers against the clear blue sky is what became popular but was not really the case.

BMW draws inspiration from the colors of the flag of its native state of Bavaria in South-eastern Germany. The logo is a reminiscence of BMW’s first manufacturing setup in that state.

Reebok after their takeover by Adidas relaunched itself with a Delta symbol. The thought behind this logo was that Delta being universally known for Change would communicate to the audience Reebok’s mission to change peoples mundane lifestyle to a more active and exciting one where they push their limits and embrace challenges in a positive way.

The Hindu
The Hindu widely acknowledged for its non-sensationalized and impartial style of reporting exhibits the same through their pictorial logo. Each element of the logo highlights a quality that makes The Hindu what they are. It reflects the principles the newspaper abides by to carry-out its duty of fearless journalism.

Billionaire Jeff Bezos settled for the name Amazon as he thought that alphabetically the letter “A” would appear on top when searched. Also, Amazon being the biggest river would be synonymous with the image of the biggest online bookstore that Jeff wanted the company to be. Later, with the addition of an arrow from to A to Z depicted that, Amazon was a one-stop destination for everyone’s needs and would be happy to serve them with a smile.


Picasa an image organizer and viewer was discontinued by Google in 2016. But, its logo reflects a message that we all can learn and take inspiration from when it comes to logo designing.
A camera shutter is pretty evident when you look at the logo but, what’s even more interesting is the house that is encapsulated within it. It symbolizes the message of Picasa being the home for all your photographs. Also, in Spanish, the word “Casa” translates to “home”.

The luxury and sports car maker the Mercedes-Benz have probably one of the most widely recognized logos of the automobile industry. The “three-pointed star” on a Mercedes product is a statement of dominance over land, sea and air, that the company wishes to convey to its audiences.

Written by: Raghav Sinha