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As a premier video advertising agency, we specialize in crafting compelling visual narratives that resonate across platforms. Our expertise spans a diverse range of formats including TV commercials (TVCs), digital ads, music videos, and corporate storytelling pieces. Beyond just creation, we offer a full suite of services from scripting and shooting to editing, all performed by our talented in-house team. But we don’t stop there; we ensure your masterpiece reaches its audience through strategic distribution on TV, digital platforms and theaters.ย 

Video Production Service

Brand film created for Visual Dub

An engaging brand video created for Visual Dub to highlight their platform’s immersive storytelling with visual dubbing while retaining an authentic cinematic experience. The video demonstrates not just the seamless integration of dubbed content but also the meticulous care taken to preserve the original tone and emotion of every scene

Digital ads for Vyapar

e created this engaging digital video ad for Vyapar, a startup specializing in billing software. This video, shot with TV celebrities, captures the essence of the brand through visual storytelling, highlighting the use case of the brand for small businesses in India. As a video production company, we are proud to bring Vyapar’s vision to life, demonstrating the transformative impact of their software on small businesses. This project embodies our commitment to crafting stories that not only resonate with audiences but also drive meaningful change.

Digital ad for Moj

We had the pleasure of crafting a digital ad for Moj, a leading short video platform, with a focus on humor and fun. Our creative approach was to inject a lighthearted and humorous take into the campaign, making it relatable and engaging for viewers. By spotlighting the endless entertainment Moj offers, we highlighted how it stands as a go-to destination for laughter and joy.

Explainer video for Skill academy

We developed an explainer video for Skill Academy’s Digital Marketing Career Program, utilizing creative storytelling to elucidate the platform’s usage and the extensive benefits it offers. Through engaging narrative techniques, we illustrated the journey of learners as they navigate the program, highlighting key features and the comprehensive knowledge they stand to gain.

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Ankur Sharma founder Brandshark
Alma Mater: IIT Kanpur
Ankur Sharma


Shekhar suman founder Brandshark

Alma Mater: IIT Kanpur, IIM Calcutta

Shekhar Suman


Shekhar suman founder Brandshark

Alma Mater: IIT Kanpur

Aditya Somani


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