Digital Marketing made its foray in the Indian Political space with the General election in 2014. It was social media which played a crucial role in Mr. PM Modi’s historic win. Definitely, there were other factors involved too! But, what is impressive was how all these political marketing strategies made “Namo” a brand. Since then, the connection between Indian politics and digital marketing has become stronger day by day.  We have seen it again in 2017 UP election, the power of social media. It created a whole new brand image of Chief Minister Mr. Yogi Adityanath!

As compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing has helped the politicians to connect better with the target audience at a lesser cost. Be it social media campaign, website development, online reputation management, slogans etc. all created a good amount of buzz in the market. What created “Namo” a brand was his online presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ since the time Mr. Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat.  He used these platforms aggressively to promote the development of Gujarat and that attracted the majority of the voters – the 1st-time voters, youth, and salaried class. His interest in digitization, effective communication on social media platforms and most importantly he created a direct connection with the audience through online communication, answering to queries, taking suggestions and feedbacks, all these made him the hero.


  • The most important factor – The Online Reputation Management. It helps in building the brand image in the online world. Not just that, it helps you understand the thoughts of your audience and you get to know exactly what people are talking about you on the internet!
  • Social Media Campaigns – Your political campaign should always be in-sync with your social media campaigns so that it does not confuse your audience.
  • Efficient use of your social media platforms to effectively engage with the target audience. Official announcements of your latest projects, resolving queries, taking suggestions/feedback, commenting on latest updates, trends, political-economic scenario of the world and the country, all these would catch the eyes of your voters and would help in creating a positive brand image.
  • Run eye-catching marketing campaigns and make it viral on all possible social media platforms.

It doesn’t end here, just like our present leader and his team made social media platforms a part of their daily routine. He is known to be more active on social media platforms than ever before.

However, Political Marketing Strategies are not created overnight. It needs to be well thought, wherein exhaustive planning is required with the clear intent, in-sync with all the channels and clear target audience. We all should remember, technology is just an enabler. Action speaks louder than words and technology here provides a platform to showcase the actions. You need a talented team to work 24/7 to build your brand image and make you a political leader. The power of digitization has amazed the entire world with its followers. Not just in India, Mr. PM Narendra Modi has become one of the most famous political leaders in the world!