Everybody is going digital in the new normal. As a smart business owner, you would have already prepared for a new growth phase and made the right choice to expand your digital marketing efforts. At this point, insourcing vs outsourcing is the typical question that would arise in every business owner’s mind. Inhouse vs outsourcing digital marketing is a crucial decision to make because this decision you make now is going to affect the future of your company. You need to weigh both the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency and gathering an in-house team and make the right decision to achieve your goal of reaching more customers, increasing revenue, and growing your business through digital marketing. 

Both these options- hiring an in-house digital marketing team and hiring a digital marketing agency have their own set of benefits. However, if you’re stuck between choosing insourcing or outsourcing digital marketing, take a look at these benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency and insourcing that would help you make the right decision.

Benefits of Insourcing digital marketing

Insourcing digital marketing is essentially building your own internal digital marketing team or hiring internally to build a new digital marketing task-force. The main benefit of insourcing digital marketing is that the digital marketing team would spend all their time in the company culture and they will be deeply familiar with the company and customer base. They can also work together seamlessly with the sales team to build an effective conversion funnel.

Problem with Insourcing digital marketing:

Although with insourcing digital marketing you have the advantage and flexibility of working with a dedicated team, almost 46% of companies say that they can’t find the right combination of people and skills in the job market for their digital marketing needs. Also, the process of hiring the candidates takes time and resources, and managing the team can become stressful and burdensome. In most cases, an inexperienced in-house team may not be capable of handling new digital marketing challenges that they have encountered for the first time.

Benefits of Hiring a digital marketing agency for your company

You can save money by hiring a digital marketing agency

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency is cost savings. Hiring your own digital marketer would mean paying a corresponding salary plus benefits, this can add up to something costly if you’ve hired a middle or senior level digital marketing executive. But, with outsourcing, you get an entire team of experienced digital marketing executives at a much lower cost. Thus, by hiring a digital marketing agency, you can get an expert team of digital marketers for nearly half the cost of hiring a full-time in-house marketer.

You get a wider skillset

According to a report by marketing land(https://marketingland.com/less-than-half-of-digital-marketers-say-they-are-highly-proficient-at-digital-marketing-59815), only 48% of digital marketers claim to be proficient in digital marketing. This makes it a risky option for you to insource a digital marketer. Hiring a digital marketing agency for your company ensures that you have a team of qualified and skilled individuals with years of experience in digital marketing. They will have the technical depth, advanced problem-solving skills, and ability to think strategically. They simply know what to do, how to do, and when to do- and deliver results. This is an important benefit of hiring a digital marketing agency for your company.

Outsourcing is easier to manage

With outsourcing, you only need minimal management. By hiring a good digital marketing agency for your company, you know that your digital campaigns are well taken care of as they have only one goal in mind- to make your campaign a success. This is a crucial point to consider when it comes to the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency for your company. With less to worry about what’s going on in-house, you can focus on more important things like business development and other areas that are crucial for your success. 

Outsourcing gives you great ROI

One of the main benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency for your company is that you’ll get a measurable Return on Investment (ROI). All the best digital marketing agencies are result-oriented. They design their digital marketing strategies based on hard outcomes rather than processes. They know how to tackle the challenges and improve the performance of your campaign, and give you insightful metrics tied to your business success with the help of the latest marketing tools and software.

By this point, looking at the benefits of hiring a digital marketing company and insourcing, we have a clear winner- Outsourcing digital marketing to an agency is the right choice for most companies in the current digital world. Thus, by hiring a Google certified digital marketing agency like Brandshark, you will get a guaranteed high-quality digital marketing service with a definite edge over your competitors while saving a lot of time and money.