There’s no question that corporate videos are on the rise. With nearly 92% of marketers reporting a favorable ROI from corporate video production, keeping them at the forefront of your marketing strategy is key to leaving a lasting impression and driving sales. These videos are not just effective, they’re essential. So, without any further ado, let’s get going with the top 5 ideas in corporate video production for business, that make us sit up and take notes. 

Showcase your products and services

You’ve crafted a groundbreaking concept that redefines what’s possible. Now, it’s time to convey that excitement to your audience. A corporate video that showcases your products or services leaves a lasting impact on brand awareness. Clearly articulate what sets your product apart in a succinct, engaging manner, inspiring them to embrace your enthusiasm.

Also, do you have a compelling tale to share about a product launch, an event you organized, or a service you provided? Consider creating a case study video to broadcast your triumph to a broader audience. Case studies continue to be a top choice for corporate video concepts, as they vividly illustrate a tangible success story for your business.

On a positive note, you may demonstrate your knowledge with a how-to tutorial. Keep in mind, that talking about a subject is one thing; demonstrating your expertise is another. So, take a few moments to showcase your skills on camera by walking through a task relevant to your business. It doesn’t need to be intricate. 

Establish your brand

If you’ve poured your heart, soul, and ingenuity into building an electrifying brand, it’s time to make some noise. Corporate video production for business and brand identity videos go hand in hand. They offer a fantastic avenue to showcase your platform, ideas, values, and what distinguishes your brand from the rest. They serve as a dynamic tool of customer engagement that intrigues individuals with their first-hand impression. 

Utilize the potential of a corporate video to elucidate the essence of your business—its purpose, the value it brings to customers, and the driving force behind your mission. Introducing yourself and detailing your operations are crucial initial steps in fostering trust among your audience. In a similar vein, sharing the backstory of your company can set the ground for corporate video production for business. It’s an ideal opportunity to recount your beginnings that have shaped your company’s journey. For instance, a corporate video that acts as a visual embodiment of your “About Us” webpage, succinctly encapsulates your brand’s identity and mission. In this pursuit, consider Slack’s concise animation video, effectively conveying the company’s essence, within just a couple of minutes.

Offer a sneak peek at your products and services

Ever wondered how something is made from start to finish? You’re not alone. In the world of corporate video production for business, behind-the-scenes product videos thrive for a reason. People are inherently intrigued by how things are made. If you’re a manufacturer, leverage the opportunity to showcase the transformation of raw materials into finished products. For retail businesses, revealing how items transition from packaging to store shelves, or illustrating your purchasing and selling processes, can be captivating. Take inspiration from Hershey, who invited the Food Network into their headquarters to unveil the enchanting process behind crafting Hershey Kisses, exemplifying creativity in corporate video production for business.

Record customer testimonials

While you likely have numerous positive things to express about your company, it’s equally crucial to consider the perspective of your customers. Allow your satisfied clientele to convey their experiences to potential customers, offering firsthand insights into what it’s like collaborating with your brand. Keep in mind, that the emphasis should not solely be on your business’s greatness, but rather on the accomplishments your customers attain through your partnership. In this narrative, the customer takes center stage as the protagonist, and not the company solely. 

Answer common customer questions

Offer a glimpse into the customer experience journey. Who will they interact with? How promptly can they expect a response from your team? If there’s an onboarding process, what does it entail? Transparency in your procedures can alleviate any apprehensions your customers may have about engaging with your business. Creating a corporate video that addresses commonly asked questions can streamline the process, allowing you to focus on closing the deal. Transform this idea into an engaging company video by interviewing team members for responses or incorporating a fun element like selecting questions from a hat.


From captivating product showcases to compelling brand narratives, corporate video production for business has emerged as a cornerstone of effective communication strategies. But, in case you are looking for a team to help put together some corporate video ideas, we’re happy to lend a hand anytime. Brandshark, being a corporate video production company in Bangalore, can totally grasp the intricacies of creating a standout video for you. We understand the transformative impact of video content and offer tailored video production services in Bangalore to help businesses achieve their goals. Reach out to us to discuss your ideas and discover how we can bring them to fruition.