You can sell almost anything & everything today with the help of the Internet. However, It is quite important to understand what your customers prefer & what you should deal in, to sustain your business & emerge into a customer-centric brand. It is very important to deal in quality products which your existing & potential customers both prefer. With the help of this article, you will be able to make an informed decision about which of the best-selling online products should be on your primetime.

Best Selling Online Products In India

We bring to you some of the bestsellers of the Indian Market, which will help you understand the market, consumers, and their preferences. This article will take you closer to making the right choice for you & your business. 


Apparels account for the largest segment of best-selling online products in India. Around 35% of the entire revenue generated from e-commerce sales consists of apparel and dresses. This has led to the opening of hundreds of stores in the online market for the selling of fashion goods & accessories.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are one of the most trending items for sale on any e-commerce website. They are one of the best-selling online products in India with an unmatched variety of brands and models available for purchase. Purchasing online gives you an advantage of comparison, price options & reviews. 

Books and Stationery

Many brands have started selling books & stationery online. You can now sell customized, print-on-demand, and quirky stationery online that are not easily available in-store. You can get all kinds of educational, fictional, and reference books from any Indian or overseas publisher online.


The best marketplace to purchase electronics is online because you get to save a lot on your orders thanks to discounts, cashback offers, bank offers & sales. Your order gets delivered to your place & if required, you can also exchange it within the predetermined deadline. 

Beauty Products

Shopping for beauty and skincare products just got better with the rising presence of online retailers in India. These retailers sell almost every beauty item there is, be it branded or of any other kind. Whatever you wish for, you can get it online. Be it for men or women, all over the world people shop for beauty products online & it is one of the best-selling online products in India. 

Home Decor & Furnishing

Who doesn’t love to set up their new home or upgrade the old one? The attempt is to add aesthetically beautiful articles to your living space & surroundings. A huge chunk of the Indian population purchases furnishings & home decor products online, making it a best-selling category in India. 

Baby Care Products

Next in-line are baby care products. Indian parents have turned to e-commerce to fulfill their need for baby care products. This gives them the comfort of staying at home, taking care of their babies, and simultaneously purchasing all the necessary products online.

Handmade Items

With the rise in social shoppers & e-commerce users, handmade products have turned out to be one of the best-selling online products in India. Products made by any creative individual or a group are sold online at numerous stores. A huge number of these users appreciate the efforts artists put in and make it a point to purchase these handmade goods.

Grocery & Food Items

This may sound unbelievable but grocery & food products are the highest-selling online product category in the country. With the introduction of online grocers, you can now save up to 40% off on daily essentials. Days for people to go to a grocery market, bargain for the best price, and buy a ton of items once are gone. Today, people just order goods and get them delivered to their doorsteps.


These are some of the best-selling online products in India. With the advent of dropshipping business in India & the continuous rise of e-commerce platforms, this list is expected to keep on growing. More & more consumers are slowly shifting towards e-commerce to fulfill their needs & avail online services. Get yourself an e-commerce website developer and set up your shop today.