An affiliate marketer has two paths before them – either meet revenue targets by selling large quantities of low-priced offerings or sell small quantities of high-priced offerings. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is when the affiliate marketer chooses the latter. A “high-ticket” offering, simply put, provides higher than average commissions, and is generally associated with niche products like home theatre equipment, jewelry, watches, and other high-priced or luxury items.

But, before delving into High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, it is important to understand the concept of affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing refers to “affiliates” earning a commission after marketing another company’s products or services. Affiliates are individuals utilised by companies to broaden the scope of their marketing strategies, and are in turn paid for their contribution out of the company’s profits. The affiliate is able to earn revenue without having to associate with the company’s operations – they simply have to link seller to buyer. 

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Prerequisites for choosing High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Under High Ticket Affiliate Marketing, a marketer may earn massive one-off commissions, but it is important to recognise that there exist significant barriers to overcome before the revenue stream becomes consistent.

Build a network

For starters, the high cost of entry alone is enough to discourage aspiring marketers. Niche items, particularly expensive ones, have a small referral pool. Even in the event that the marketer is well-versed with the offering, a stable revenue stream cannot be established without first dedicating the time of the day to building a network of quality prospects.  

Ideal Product-Audience Fit

Secondly, an ideal product-audience fit is equally important (if not more) than the price of the offering sold. Since the marketer deals with niche markets and products, it is essential that there is demand for the product and its niche.

Enthusiasm for the offering

Lastly, for a marketer to effectively work with a niche product, it helps to be enthusiastic about the offering. A passion for the offering shows itself in the way marketers present themselves and the offering.

In conclusion, High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is a highly profitable option, albeit with its own glaring risks involved. The marketers have to cater to a niche, which naturally has a smaller referral pool to draw from, and without proper contacts the marketer would be stuck dealing with one-off commissions. This brings us to our final point – recurring commissions – which are particularly important for long-term sustainability in High Ticket Affiliate Marketing. In a market with a high cost of entry and strong competition, an affiliate marketer needs to be able to procure recurring commissions in order to sustain operations and create a noticeable brand.