An online business without social media presence is like opening a store and not advertising. Social media is the essence of digital marketing. It has become the consultant to the users as well as to the advertisers by engaging and offering them relevant content. It creates a good connection with the audience, gets feedback, analyses reviews and suggests marketing strategies accordingly.

Social media marketing is all about planning efficiently to build the audience and drive traffic to your website. Find below the importance of social media marketing for your business:

  1. Social media platform drives targeted traffic – You can seek your audience’s attention through creating an attractive page, interesting posts/content and sharing relevant information with the users.
  2. It boosts your website’s SEO – High quality and user engaging content will improve your SEO ranking and would be able to gain the top spots on search engine result page.
  3. It helps in building a relationship with your audience – it enables you to interact with your user base and understand their preferences. Invite your audience to participate in the quiz, review your product or services and let them win discounted coupons to attract a huge audience.
  4. It allows targeting and retargeting – Social media ads can be customized by targeting your audience based on location, demography, interests, and behavior, and purchase history. A Facebook pixel can be installed on your website and hence you can retarget the users who have visited your site. Retargeting will likely increase your conversion.
  5. It creates a brand image and builds brand loyalty – You can get feedback from your users and respond to their queries and reviews. It enables you to resolve issues immediately and make things right for your customers. It builds trust amongst the audience and gains their loyalty.
  6. It gives better ROI as compared to any other marketing platforms – Social media posts help you in getting relevant traffic and hence the conversion rate increases leading to better ROI.

There is no doubt that Social media marketing will help your business grow exponentially but also help you sustain in the market for long.