Real estate photography has the potential to lift you in the real estate business. It’s vital to have pictures of the property to show potential buyers for maximum bid. Additionally, high-quality photos help you to sell houses faster and at higher prices.

It’s no more a secret that good photography impacts the real estate business. Professional photographers use high-quality equipment and techniques to click captivating images of properties. Real estate agents list these images on the housing platform to attract potential buyers. This article will let you know the impacts of good photography on real estate.

What is real estate photography?

Real estate photography is about creating captivating images that can sell a property and be worth thousands of dollars. Realtors list unique and impactful images on housing platforms that will catch the eye of prospects in a sea of those who are competing for the same purpose.

Real estate photography is much different than other photographic disciplines in its combination of art and business. It is more than just taking off-the-cuff pictures. Professional photographers use advanced photography practices and high-quality instruments such as high-tech cameras, tripods, and editing software to click pictures and turn them into high-quality images that spark buyers’ curiosity in the marketplace.

What is the impact of good real estate photography?

Impact of strong online presence

One of the primary reasons for the impact of good real estate photography is the internet. According to a joint study conducted by The National Association of Realtors and Google, 90% of the house buyers searched online during their house buying process. This study alarms the use of professional real estate photos.

Moreover, providing onlookers with several photos increases the chances of selling houses faster. Typically, houses with around 15-40 photos spend less time in the marketplace than a house with 5-10. Real estate photographers know the importance of clicking photos from every angle and of every corner that is being sold. The photos may be of surroundings such as parks, recreational areas, and other amenities found nearby. These many pictures do have the potential to convert onlookers into buyers.

Virtual Staging Comes in Handy

It is very important to consider the setting of the house before clicking pictures. The house to be photographed may need a makeover to make it appropriate for photography. The time spent cleaning up the clutter, setting up the living room, arranging the kitchen, and renovating the bathroom for photography gives some eye-catching views of the house.

But it is not always possible to devote such time and budget to staging. This is where virtual staging comes into play, with proper editing software and modern tools, any empty room can be virtually rearranged to make it fully furnished. Virtual staging plays an important role in today’s market and professional photographers use this technique to compete against others. 

Professional Photography Impacts Faster Sales

According to a study, it was found that houses listed with professional photographs in the marketplace were sold 32% faster than all the other listings. This study indicates that when a house is photographed in its best light, it attracts potential buyers looking for properties.

The properties with professional photographs prompt shoppers’ attraction towards it, which makes them finally decide to visit the property which speeds up the buying time. Moreover, professionally curated photographs do attract viewers from everywhere and are important for listing houses in all price ranges.

Having said that professional photographs bring in faster sales, realtors make use of professional real estate photography practices for the same reason.

Social Media Influence on Real Estate

The internet is a prevalent factor in the house buying process, social media being the most crowded one. The majority of the population is on various social media platforms meaning many people will search for houses that match their specific preferences.

This makes social media one of the best platforms for realtors and real estate photographers to list their properties, promote their brands, advertise, and separate themselves from competitors.

One of the ways your property will differ from others is by following the correct photography practices. Further, your knowledge and how you compete with other property sellers is what matters in the end. 


The internet has a major impact on real estate photography. People like to search for properties on the internet before giving a visit in person. It is significant to put up highly captivating images on the marketplace to attract as many potential buyers for your property. Further, professional photographers who use modern technology and advanced photography practices have an edge over others.

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