The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to find your dream home. Isn’t it? 

Home Buyers and  Real Estate Companies are facing difficulty in comprehending the current real estate situation. We can neither visit properties nor communicate face-to-face with real estate agents. The real estate market is fluctuating, and the real estate industry is in search of new ways to reach its audience.  Companies are gradually opting for digital marketing for growing and expanding their business. For example, shopping for daily essentials online, even searching for a home online can significantly impact the real estate market. Buyers are in search of the best real estate brokers, making digital marketing a return on investment. If you are a realtor looking to grow your business online, we are here to help you by presenting you with this case study on real estate digital marketing strategy. 

Real Estate: Before and After The Coronavirus Pandemic

India is the second most affected country in the world in terms of active coronavirus cases and the real estate sector is one of the highly affected businesses. Before the pandemic, real estate was growing steadily. The lockdown situation had halted the growth of this industry. Now is the time when it can grow and do wonders. According to Business Insider India, the real estate sector is expected to account for 13% of India’s economy by 2025. 

Problem Statement of the Real Estate Company “B” 

The Real Estate company approached us to help their business grow online. The coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed the marketing style of realtors from offline to online. The real estate company had an online presence, but they weren’t able to attract good leads. The website was not performing that effectively as it could with a more precise and focused digital marketing strategy.  

A Well Researched Digital Marketing Strategy 

To improve their online presence and attract more users to their website, we inculcated various digital marketing activities mentioned below:

Target Audience

The Real Estate Company “B” wanted to focus mainly on an audience from a specific region. Our strategy was to research their niche, existing customers and create a target audience. With the help of a target audience, our real estate digital marketing strategy was to conduct keyword research and develop an SEO strategy. Example of target audience: 2 BHK homes in Texas, where the target audience is the homebuyers in Texas only. 

Keyword Research

After defining the target audience, researching keywords was the next step to identify what the target audience is seeking on the web. We started listing all the favourable keywords. At present, we track more than 50+ best-performing keywords for the company. Currently, the website’s keywords present on the first ten pages of Google is 155 that was 26 previously. 

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Search Engine Optimization (or SEO)

To rank higher on the search engine, SEO is crucial. SEO is significantly essential for the real estate industry as it is cost-effective for generating valuable leads and guarantees business growth. Conducting SEO for a real estate company was tough as very few leads convert to customers because buying property is not an easy task. 

We started publishing blog articles for the company after researching the search trends in the targeted region. Through blog posts, we started answering the most common questions asked by home buyers. This real estate digital marketing strategy started gaining the audience’s attention, and we were able to gather 3084 organic impressions and 108 organic clicks on the website. 

The improvement in organic traffic resulted in a higher ranking on the search engine. On google, the Global Ranking of the website has grown from 718693 to 239401. Also, the Local Rank has risen from 93763 to 71859 in less than 3 months. 


Websites should be developed in such a way that users can easily navigate through them. To provide ease of access to the audience, we created category wise property listings, helping users browse efficiently without searching too much. The contact us section, search bar for finding properties, has helped the company gain prospects. 


To ace a digital marketing strategy, one needs to examine the performance of various metrics. Weekly analytics and reports have helped us and the real estate company to analyse which digital marketing strategy is working the best. Like 100 users visited the website through organic search, which indicates that the website is performing well in terms of attracting prospects. 

Time To Grow Your Business Online

The Right Time is Now! Take your real estate business online with the Brandshark team. Our real estate digital marketing efforts and strategies have shown proven results. Targeting the right audience, researching the search trends, delivering engaging and quality content is our strategy to hit the algorithm. Improving the website, thorough research and analysing strategies turned out to be the perfect real estate digital marketing strategy for the real estate company.

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Photo by Thirdman from Pexels