Social media has become an integral and essential component of our everyday lives in less than a decade. Baby photos and your mother now dominate the platforms where you started sharing partying pictures.

Great social media doesn’t occur accidentally. It’s more than a few mentions or a pinch of evergreen content. Unfortunately, there isn’t any magic social media formula. Great social media marketing is similar to any other marketing strategy: it has to be carefully designed, analyzed, managed, and built on a solid and clear strategic plan. You should stay current with the latest trends, methods, and techniques to deliver on your precise objectives.

Social media tools and scheduling algorithms make it simpler for us mortals to stay engaged and active on social media, lessening our load and making it possible for more significant influence.

You must consider the following Paid Social Media Tools

Social Champ

Social Champ is one of the best Social Media Marketing tools available as it enables you to distribute your content on multiple social platforms at once. In addition, the tool can “help the users and brands boost their audience engagement by 75%.” This tool could help you with several advanced social media features and integrations.

If you’re a beginner or a business that uses automation tools and desires a simple user interface to advertise your content, Social Champ is the best option. One of Social Champ’s great features is its prompt and courteous service. You could also post your content on Facebook and Twitter.

Pricing: Starting from $26/month on a professional plan with 12 social accounts


Almost all marketers have widely used Buffer for many years. It allows you to queue your posts for scheduling throughout various platforms quickly. Buffer’s product is divided into three groups. First, publish, respond to, and analyze data. Then, you could perhaps choose the most suitable plan for your marketing needs.

Buffer recently added a new function that lets you include the initial comment with your scheduled Posts on Instagram. Most of the additional features that third-party tools incorporate buffer offers.

Pricing: It starts at $6 per social channel per month with unlimited posts. You can, however, add another channel at the same price, and so forth.


Hootsuite enables business owners to monitor and control their clients and comprehend their viewpoint and interaction with their product. It is essential to dispel any preconceived ideas the customer might have about their brand. Hootsuite does quite an excellent job of combining a lot of concept functionality in a simple and easy user experience.

While it may become expensive if you surpass certain limits, looking for small-scale business digital marketers is worthwhile.

Pricing: The basic plan starts at $19/month and includes one user, ten social profiles, and unlimited scheduling.

Social Status

This SMM tool helps in automating social media reporting by performing a thorough evaluation of your profiles. Social Status provides four levels of data analysis: the profile, advertisements, competitor, and influencer, as well as customizable comments for each—the application syncs with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Pricing: Prices start at $29 per month for ten profiles on social media.


eClincher is also another tool for publishing content. It helps facilitate posting, interaction, hearing, and predictive analysis. eClincher bills itself as “perfect for businesses, brands, and agencies.” Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are almost all supported by eClincher. The scheduling function is simple. All you must do is choose your profiles and start publishing.

It also enables you to duplicate the content at defined intervals. Many powerful features, in contrast, are now only accessible in premium or agency plans. 

Pricing: The basic plan with ten profiles and one user starts at $59 per month.


There have been numerous contradictory discussions about automation – boring, unengaging, impersonal, and so on. However, data tells us otherwise. With the methods and analogies constantly put forward around automation that we hear frequently, we are optimistic that automation will also function for you!

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