When it comes to food product photography, the concept revolves around making your audience form perceived notions about how the dish will taste. Representing your perfectly cooked food through appetizing and appealing images is an art in itself. Food photography props are the key to presenting your food with accuracy and precision, making them delectable, and initiating the senses of your viewers.

Mentioned below are the five most essential creative food product photography props that are a must-have for every fresher. A collection of these elementary props can help you further in your food photography career.

Rustic Wooden Slabs and Cutting Boards

A list of great food product photography props is incomplete without rustic wooden slabs or cutting boards. Slabs of circular and rectangular shapes work best as a prop. You can create a rustic atmosphere by using darkened cutting boards and wooden slabs that show the tree’s concentric rings.

Also, wooden slabs are an easy way to add layers to images to make them stylish and interesting. Adding layers to your images involves a combination of the following – a shooting surface, a wooden platter, a tea towel, a dish holding the food, a utensil, the food itself, and garnish.

Regardless of the finish, make sure that the boards do not have lacquer on them as this will make your photographs look shiny and fake.

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Ceramic and Matte Finish Plates

Ceramic and matte-finished food product photography props are a great go. Ceramic plates provide a charming and rusty feel to your photos. 

Ceramic plates are a better choice in comparison to white porcelain plates which are shiny and reflective. Those pesky bright spots may take all the attention from your food.

Furthermore, matte-finished plates also provide a bold background for your food and make it realistically royal. Being dull, they don’t snatch natural food colours in the photos.

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Plates and Bowls with interesting Accents

White plates and bowls with colourful rims or striking patterns on the outside make awesome and essential food product photography props.

Plates with ornate painting, a textured pattern, or even a golden rim can bring something extra to the table that doesn’t detract from the food.

Further, bowls with interesting accents elevate the food. An oriental bowl or a speckled, pastel bowl can enliven and bring character to any dish presented on them.

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Textured Fabrics: A Must-Have For Food Product Photography

Textured fabrics like a napkin or a linen piece of cloth simply presented in your setup can add the required depth to the shot.

Bright and simple print napkins that are clean, minimal, and not cluttered provide a fresh and filling feel to the photos.

Linen fabrics are suitable because they are supple and easily move into curves. The same goes for cotton.

Classic patterned fabrics may bring charm to your setup although fabrics with neutral tones like ivory, grey, smoky blue, or brown-toned cloth can bring a rich and natural feel to your images.

Clear Thin Rimmed Glasses

Glasses with thin walls are a fantastic recommendation for clean and pure food photography. Thin-walled glasses are generally used to style drinks and layered cold desserts such as Panna cottas, mousses, and parfaits. 

Thin-rimmed glasses prevent discolouration of food, as compared to thick-walled glasses that distort the food colour inside, thus allowing the natural food colours to pop out.

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There are various other props available in the market among the ones mentioned here. You can find anything of your liking and start food product photography in Bangalore. Food should be the overall star of the shot and food product photography props allow for achieving the same. They make the natural essence of your food pop out and take your images to the next level. Not only props but other factors such as proper natural lights, camera angle, ingredients, and food placement play a significant role to make the photos stand out. In the end, all you can do is make use of the mentioned props, focus on styling, and keep it simple.

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