As product photography continues to evolve, the trends of 2023 will bring forth innovative and creative ideas for capturing product images. With the ever-growing demand for product photography on e-commerce websites, social media platforms, and other digital avenues, photographers are striving to stay ahead of the curve in order to create stunning visuals that stand out from their competitors. In this article we will explore some of the product photography trends that are expected to be popular in 2023. From new technology developments such as artificial intelligence (AI) enabled cameras and drones to unique styling techniques like flat lays and minimalist backgrounds, these upcoming product photography trends promise an exciting future for product photographers everywhere.

Minimalist product photography


Minimalist product photography is an increasingly popular style of product photography that seeks to highlight the product itself without distracting from its features. This style utilizes simple and neutral backgrounds such as white, black, or grey, as well as limited props to keep the focus on the product and not take away from its visual appeal. By using this minimalist approach, product photographers can create images that are aesthetically pleasing and highlight the product in its best light.

Checkout our recent minimalistic product photography for Bath and body.

Flat lay product photography

cosmetics organic handmade soap photography

Flat lay product photography is another product photography trend of 2023 that has been gaining traction lately. This technique involves taking product images from a bird’s eye view and using props, textures, and colors to create interesting compositions and visuals. This style has been seen on product pages, in product reviews, and even on social media pages. By using this approach product photographers can create unique product images that stand out from the competition.

Checkout some flat lay food product photography done by Brandshark team

AI-enabled product photography

AI-enabled product photography is expected to be a major trend of 2023 as cameras become more advanced and sophisticated in their ability to capture product images with greater accuracy and clarity. AI-enabled cameras use facial recognition software to recognize product features and take the perfect product shot every time, resulting in product images that are sure to wow customers.

Lifestyle product photography

Photo by Denys Mikhalevych:

Lifestyle product photography is a style of product photography that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This style showcases products in use in real-life scenarios, allowing customers to better imagine themselves using the product.

In lifestyle product photography, product shots are often taken in natural settings such as outdoor locations or inside homes. This allows product photographers to capture product images that are more natural and realistic-looking, helping customers connect with the product on a deeper level.

Checkout our recent product shoot for a lifestyle product Swaha

360-degree product photography

Photo by Ylanite Koppens:

360-degree product photography is an exciting product photography trend that will become increasingly popular in 2023. This technique allows product photographers to capture product images from multiple angles, offering customers a more comprehensive view of the product. By using this approach, product photographers can create product images that are more dynamic and engaging than traditional product shots.

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