Plant Based Protein Product Photography

For our latest project, we captured the natural charm of plant based protein product. We placed the protein jar amidst fresh peas and vanilla pods to emphasize its plant-based and natural ingredients. Our photos present the product in a straightforward and inviting manner, making it evident that it’s healthy and pure. This style of photography really helps the brand stand out by showing its commitment to natural, wholesome products. Effective product photography like this can attract customers who are on the lookout for health and sustainability, thereby boosting the brand’s reputation and appeal significantly.

Plant Based Protein Product Photography

What’s Involved?

The goal of our product photography is to boost brand awareness and build greater trust among consumers, helping the brand connect effectively and look its best online. We aim to create a pristine white background that’s perfect for eCommerce and lifestyle categories on Instagram. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure our images not only capture the essence of the product but also resonate well with our target audience. Whether it’s the sleek simplicity needed for eCommerce platforms or the vibrant appeal for lifestyle feeds.

Project Brief

Plant Based Protein Product Photography

Resources & Equipments

Photographer and stylist. Multi color background, festive props,  with 1 light, 50mm and 18-135mm lens, and props.

Execution time

Moodboard: 2 days, Shoot: 1 day, Editing: 3 days


Why is product photography important for plant-based protein brands?

It visually highlights the product’s quality and natural ingredients, appealing to health-conscious consumers and establishing brand trust.

How do you highlight the natural qualities of plant-based proteins in photos?

We use natural lighting and include raw ingredients to emphasize the wholesome and pure nature of the protein.

Can product photography affect consumer perception of a plant-based protein brand?

Yes, professional photos enhance brand perception by showcasing product quality and appeal, thereby attracting and retaining customers.

What common features are included in your plant-based protein product shoots?

We use natural props like peas and grains, employ soft lighting to bring out textures and colors, and create relatable settings that reflect everyday use.

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