Skincare Product Photography

In our skincare product photography, we focus on highlighting sunscreen suitable for all skin types through clear, vibrant images that capture the essence of protection and nourishment. Using natural lighting and close-up shots, we emphasize the texture and packaging of the sunscreen, showcasing its suitability for diverse skin conditions. This targeted photography approach enhances brand credibility, appeals directly to health-conscious consumers, and visually communicates the product’s universal effectiveness, boosting brand recognition and trust.

Plant Based Protein Product Photography

What’s Involved?

Our skincare and sunscreen product photography aims to elevate brand awareness by merging lifestyle imagery with clean white backgrounds. By showcasing the sunscreen in daily use scenarios, we create relatable and inspiring content for social media, emphasizing its versatility and benefits for all skin types. Simultaneously, the crisp white backgrounds in e-commerce shots highlight the product’s texture and packaging, underscoring its quality and appeal. This strategic visual presentation enhances the brand’s visibility and reputation, attracting a wider audience and fostering trust in the product’s effectiveness.

Project Brief

Skincare Product Photography

Resources & Equipments

Photographer and stylist. Multi color background, festive props,  with 1 light, 50mm and 18-135mm lens, and props.

Execution time

Moodboard: 2 days, Shoot: 1 day, Editing: 3 days


How do you highlight the texture of skincare products in your photos?
We use macro photography and controlled lighting to emphasize the texture and consistency of skincare products, showcasing their quality and application on the skin.
What background do you recommend for skincare product shots?
Neutral or white backgrounds are ideal for emphasizing the product itself, while environmental or textured backgrounds can be used to convey the product’s natural ingredients and appeal
How do you capture the color of skincare products accurately?
We calibrate our cameras and lighting to ensure color accuracy, capturing the true hues of skincare products which is essential for customer trust and product effectiveness.
What techniques do you use to show skincare products in use?
We photograph models applying the products, focusing on the interaction between the skin and the product to highlight its texture and how smoothly it applies.
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