Sunanda Global: B2b Waterproofing Solutions.

Project brief: Search engine optimization, content strategy

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Sunanda Global is the flagship company of SUNANDA GLOBAL GROUP, established in 1979.
At Sunanda Global, new ideas and innovation are vital for competing internationally. We continually seek to improve our products, adapt them for new applications, and add new products based on our close association with customers. Additionally, we rigorously evaluate our innovations’ ecological and social implications.

This market-driven R&D has resulted in our strong position in the world of construction chemicals. Sunanda Global is India’s only construction chemical manufacturing company with ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for Research & Development.


Search Engine Optimization

Content strategy


B2b Waterproofing Solutions

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The Challenge

Lack of Brand Awareness

Lack of brand awareness outside the Mumbai subregion posed a challenge for Sunanda Global as a waterproofing company. We aimed to expand recognition and build trust across India through strategic approaches.

Active lead generation through SEO

Achieving top rankings for competitive keywords can be challenging due to established businesses like Dr. Fixit dominating those positions. This intense competition can result in lower visibility and reduced organic traffic for Sunanda Global, impacting our lead-generation efforts.

Our Solution

SEO Using Informational Content

We created captivating informational content that spoke directly to our target audience looking for answers related to waterproofing solutions. By appealing to both users and search engines, we effectively increased organic traffic and improved our online visibility.

Market Assessment

We did thorough research to identify Sunanda Global’s competition’s organic keywords benchmarking and target audience. Based on our findings, we created a strategy that effectively highlighted their authority in topics, which ultimately led to capturing the attention of their intended audience and establishing a strong presence in their industry.

Local SEO

We implemented a local SEO strategy to gain rankings and create awareness in our target regions. We leveraged these rankings to compete for high-difficulty keywords used by established companies such as Dr. Fixit in the waterproofing niche. This approach significantly boosted our presence on search engine result pages (SERP) and drove a surge of organic traffic to our website.

Active engagement on discussion portals

Leveraging Quora as a part of SEO strategy. Quora is a popular question-and-answer platform where users seek information and insights on various topics. By actively participating in Quora and providing valuable answers to queries related to waterproofing pain points, the company was able to position itself as an authoritative source in the industry.

Unmatched results


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CEO, Sunanda Global

Brandshark’s SEO services delivered remarkable results, proving their commitment and expertise. Their strategic approach and dedication to our success exceeded our expectations, driving significant growth in our online presence. I highly recommend Brandshark to anyone seeking exceptional SEO results and a reliable partner.

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