Most popular IPL Ads

In a country where cricket is more than just a sport, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is a festival that the whole nation celebrates. Ever since its launch in 2008, the fan-following and popularity of IPL have only increased, and now, in 2020, IPL is considered as ‘The father of entertainment’ in India. Everyone from cricket lovers, youths to kids and grandmas love IPL; even for a person with no great cricket knowledge, IPL is a celebration. Have you ever wondered how this became possible? It’s the magic of a clever ad campaign over the years making the IPL what it is today, increasing viewership, growing its brand value, and bringing a celebration mode into the Indian homes for straight 60 days!

The 2020 IPL season is on and the celebration is even bigger this year. While you watch your favourite teams clashing in the ground, here are some of the most popular IPL ads over the years.

Jumping Zapak- 2013

This is probably one of the most popular IPL ads in the history of IPL. A simple funky lyrics and a catchy tune is all it took to elevate the excitement and expectation for the IPL in 2013. The music created by music director Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani and a visual with funny dance moves was buzzing all around India during the 2013 IPL season and became an instant hit. 

Kanna, keep calm- 2014

The Kanna, keep calm ad is another popular IPL ad that raised a storm in the internet space during the 2014 IPL season. The ad urged the viewers to keep calm and watch the IPL on the go on their computer, mobile, tablet, etc. The Kanna, keep calm and show viewers in frustrating and boring situations: caught in boring wedding receptions, offices, cramped quarters, crowded public transport, and urges them to keep their calm by watching the game. 

Dilo ka Pyar- sweet shop 2015

Dilo ka Pyar ad is not only one of the most popular IPL ads but also an all-time favorite ad for many fans. The Dilo ka Pyar ad showed a little boy who goes to a small sweet shop to celebrate his team’s win. The kid buys a few candies and offers one to the shopkeeper who earlier was harsh on the kid. The shopkeeper, melted by the kid’s good heart, offers him more candies. This ad focuses on love and goodwill, and stole the hearts of many Indians.

Game dikhao, name banao 2019

Game dikhao, name banao ad was one of the most popular IPL ads during the 2019 IPL. The ad showed a group of kids, all set to play gully cricket. The two captains on each side pick players for their team, calling them with names like Dhoni, Gayle, and Rohit. But a kid boldly says he’ll not be Kohli but Omkar Patwardhan- himself. The ad depicted that it’s time to be your own hero and big names don’t matter as long as you have the game in you.

Thank you watchman- 2020

Thank you, watchman is the new ad IPL 2020 ad. This ad sensibly portrays love and respect blended with the love for sports. This ad resonates with the pulse of people today in lockdown and social distancing. The ad shows the life of an apartment watchman during coronavirus. The apartment residents decide to honour him for his work, and they surprise him by cheering for him from their balconies, showing their respect and support. This empathetic ad is trending across the nation and is all set to be one of the most popular IPL ads in the history of IPL. 

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is seen as a national unifier in India that celebrates the spirit of togetherness. In each season, the IPL ad-makers ensure that they give a memorable ad that resonates with the viewers. Thus, these are some of the most popular IPL ads over the years