Recall the last time you were actively seeking a new job. After spending countless hours scouring through various job websites, you eventually stumble upon one that appears to be a perfect fit for you. However, despite the detailed job description providing valuable insights into the role and the company’s background, it fails to offer a glimpse into the actual work environment. While factors such as the job description and salary are undeniably important, a staggering 84% of job seekers emphasize the significance of a company’s reputation as an employer in their decision-making process.

What would be beneficial at this juncture is hearing directly from current employees or virtually experiencing the workplace environment by exploring their offices. Or simply, an employer branding video! 

What are Employer Branding Videos?

While HubSpot says, video marketing can increase conversion rates by over 80%, research studies of CareerBuilder showed that job postings with an icon to watch a recruitment video were viewed 12% more than postings without video, receiving a 34% greater application rate. Employer branding videos offer viewers an insider’s perspective into the actual work culture within your company, showcasing authentic employee narratives and fostering trust with the audience. These videos serve as a crucial component of your recruitment strategy, providing prospective employees with insights into your company’s identity, values, and objectives. They help candidates gauge if they align well with your organizational ethos and envision themselves as valuable contributors to your team. 

How to Showcase Your Employer Brand with Videos?

When producing employer branding videos, prioritizing the employee experience is paramount. The goal is to narrate personal anecdotes that resonate deeply with job seekers emotionally. Here are some key approaches to crafting and disseminating authentic stories from within your organization to enhance your employer brand and attract top talent.

Showcase Cultural Initiatives of the Employer Brand 

The main focus of these videos should be showcasing your culture for what it currently is, not what the company would like it to be. Impactful employer branding videos delve into the inner workings of your organization, revealing the environment you’ve cultivated and the range of opportunities and flexibility you provide to your employees.

For example, you could create a video showcasing employee-led volunteer programs, wellness initiatives, or diversity and inclusion efforts. This could include interviews with team members discussing the positive impact these programs have had on their experience at the company. Furthermore, you might highlight unique perks such as flexible work hours, remote work options, or professional development opportunities. Expanding on this idea, you could also incorporate visuals of your workspace, illustrating its design and amenities that enhance collaboration and creativity. Quite similar to brand promo videos, the chief intent of employer branding videos should be to showcase the essence of a company, its values, and its culture, showcasing what sets you apart as an employer of choice.

Focus on Accuracy, Depth and Story

Our attention spans are decreasing, and nowhere is that more apparent than on social media. Hence, keep your employer branding videos concise and digestible with short, snackable clips to keep your audience tuned in. Understand what makes the company stand out. If there are aspects that set the company apart, prioritize them and encourage team members to articulate comprehensively why they’re distinctive. Shallow videos won’t resonate with the audience – job seekers seeking truth can see through inauthentic stories. Allow employees to divulge what attracted them to the company. Relying on a pre-written script may obscure the genuine message or narratives employees wish to convey. While having guiding questions is beneficial, ensures that the team can authentically express themselves.

Emphasize Employee Perks 

Crafting a compelling video for social media platforms to showcase our employee perks not only reinforces the employee value proposition but also requires a delicate balance of authenticity. But instead of boasting about perks, the focus should be on authentically capturing the team’s enjoyment of the benefits you provide. 

For instance, rather than simply listing perks, you can depict scenes of team members participating in wellness activities such as mental health support programs, flexible work arrangements, and opportunities for professional development. In essence, employer branding videos should serve as a genuine reflection of the positive experiences and opportunities our employees enjoy, emphasizing the significance of meaningful perks in cultivating a thriving workplace culture. These authentic glimpses into our workplace culture not only highlight the perks you offer but also emphasize commitment to fostering a healthy and supportive environment for our employees. By demonstrating investment in the holistic well-being and growth of team members, you strengthen our appeal as an employer of choice.

Embrace Diversity among Employees 

Make sure to show employees at all levels in the company, and let their voices be heard! When creating employer branding videos, strive to include a diverse array of employees, spanning various departments and levels of seniority. This approach not only fosters inclusivity but also increases the likelihood of viewers connecting with someone whose experiences or background resonate with their own. It highlights the breadth of roles and career paths available within the organization, offering inspiration and relatability to potential candidates. It’ll give followers a better chance of finding a perspective that resonates with them.

Employer Branding Videos that Stand Out! 

#1 Dropbox 

The employer branding video of Dropbox tops the list. This video is something not what you expect! The Dropbox team made a bold move by substituting their entire staff with puppets that not only highlight their playful and imaginative approach but also provide viewers with a glimpse into their work environment. This unconventional approach to employer branding videos demonstrates that the more unconventional and memorable the content, the greater its potential to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

#2 Fiverr

Fiverr, procuring one of the best employer branding videos to date, embraced the concept of a traditional “recruitment video”. They playfully mocked the clichés commonly found in such videos while cleverly flipping the standard messaging to emphasize that while being skilled opens doors to many opportunities, being exceptional leads to Fiverr. Through humor, they underscored the message that Fiverr promises a dynamic, inventive, and distinctive work environment.

#3 Chipotle 

Chipotle has elevated the traditional employer branding video by introducing an entire series named ‘How I Chipotle‘. These videos adopt an interview-style format, featuring individuals from various levels within the organization. They provide insights into their roles, career journeys, and overall work experience at Chipotle. Adding a personal touch, each interviewee also shares their preferred Chipotle order, fostering a deeper connection with the audience and humanizing the brand in its entirety.


Today, with 77% of adults considering a company’s culture before applying for a job, employer branding videos are imperative to illuminate the path to a vibrant, inclusive, and inspiring workplace culture. So, in case you’re looking for help on how to add video to your recruitment strategy, reach out to our corporate video production company in Bangalore. We understand how effective video marketing is, and we want it to be accessible for businesses at all stages. Whether you’re seeking top-notch corporate video production services or comprehensive video solutions, our esteemed video production company in Bangalore stands ready to meet your needs!