Almost every client we work with needs a mobile version of their webpage. It has now become officially required. Why not? After all, mobile phones make up more than half of all web traffic.

With mobile innovations being launched daily, it isn’t easy to keep up with the numerous new resolutions. Imagine creating a website with a couple of various extra resolutions. Did you like the way it sounded? Not! That’s every mobile developer’s deadliest nightmare.

But what about well-structured web pages that appear similar on devices with different resolutions? One thing is for sure: nobody creates multiple variations of web pages to accommodate various screen resolutions. So, what is it?

Say hi to responsive web design that ensures your webpage looks good on virtually every device!

So, what is responsive web development?

What is a responsive website?

Responsive web design, also known as RWD design, is a modern web design approach that enables web pages to render on all screen sizes and devices by adjusting to the screen, whether it is a computer, laptop, iPad, mobile phone, or even smart TV!

How does a responsive web design work?

Responsive web Development modifies the components on a website based on the viewport or even the visible area of a web page. Desktop computers and mobile devices, for instance, have various viewports.

Though many elements add value to the features of a responsive web design, the CSS breakpoint, also defined as a media query breakpoint, is possibly the most crucial. All those breakpoints are selected according to the screen size or viewport. When a breakpoint is attained, the web content reacts using CSS code. As an outcome, the webpage automatically switches to the device.

Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

Responsive Web development is essential for various reasons, most significant among which are customer experience and site performance. First, because the screen on a smartphone or tablet is smaller than that on an ordinary desktop computer, it tends to make images and text easier to read/view.

This is incredibly significant because mobile browsing is currently on the rise, and social networking links account for a considerable portion of most web traffic. Responsive design also benefits users watching a condensed desktop web browser or a split-screen display.

It also indicates to search engines that the page has been optimized for any visual experience, enhancing SEO performance. SEO tools will help you create a website that is quick to load and quickly ranked in the search engines.

Checkout SEO tools for digital marketing. To that end, Google announced in 2015 that mobile responsiveness would play a critical role in determining search engine rankings and reprioritizing responsive web design as an essential element of a website’s performance indicators.

Responsive Web Design Vs. Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive web design stretches the principles of responsive web design by taking into the particular requirements of someone trying to access a page from a mobile device. Touch-friendly functionalities and showcasing the most necessary details are essential in adaptive designs.

Adaptive web design can also incorporate controls that detect the user based on device settings, including display brightness, font sizes, and default language.

Whereas responsive web development prioritizes a site’s desktop experience first and its mobile experience second, adaptive web design considers both simultaneously and equally. Adaptive web design generally takes much more time to finish than simple responsive web design.


Today’s market and products have evolved. Researchers and engineers are constantly coming up with fresh, unique products and trying to improve existing ones to attract more clients. This has flooded the marketplace with mobile devices that are both similar and different, making it more challenging for developers to develop responsive websites. It is impossible to produce a version for every device of a specific size, so we rely on the device’s responsiveness.

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