Launching a skincare line is one side of the coin; but mastering marketing is another. Whether you’re selling creams, serums, or soaps, the key to boosting sales and dominating the market lies in crafting an irresistible brand identity. What hooks customers on a product page? Which features make them swoon? Everything starts and ends with marketing. But, the good news is 80% of consumers are willing to try something better, even if they’re satisfied with what they already use for skincare. While customers act more informed than ever, video advertisements represent the perfect blend of captivating visuals and storytelling, making them ideal for introducing your brand, showcasing specific products, or boosting sales. So, here’s a complete breakdown of the online video advertising in skin ecommerce and how you can jump in to move your product ahead! 

#1 Tips and Tactics 

Showcase your Products

Utilizing a video template tailored for skincare product promotion allows for a dynamic and visually engaging presentation of your latest product range. For instance, you can showcase the application process, highlight key ingredients, and demonstrate the transformational effects on the skin. Incorporating before-and-after shots in online video advertising can effectively illustrate the efficacy of your products, capturing the attention of potential customers and encouraging them to explore further.

Utilize High-resolution Images

Opting for high-resolution stock images enables you to craft visually stunning designs that effectively highlight the features and benefits of your skincare products and services. For example, you can showcase close-up shots of product textures, vibrant colors of natural ingredients, and luxurious packaging details. By presenting professional and crisp visuals, you establish a sense of quality and sophistication, enticing customers to engage with your brand and explore your offerings.

Integrate Human Presence

According to Forbes, video ads now make up over 35% of all ad spending online. Why not harness the power of online video advertising then? But remember, it’s utmost necessary to humanize your brand too, as it fosters an entrenched connection with your audience. You can feature individuals applying your skincare products, showcasing their radiant skin and genuine expressions of satisfaction. By witnessing real people experiencing the benefits firsthand, potential customers are more likely to relate  and envision themselves achieving similar results, thereby increasing engagement and driving sales.

Pro tip: Native video ads in skin ecommerce are the fastest growing type of video ad, seamlessly blending in with organic content. They are directly uploaded to the platform, matching its style and tone. Facebook, for instance, sees over 8 billion native video ad views daily. These ads often exceed 30 seconds and are designed to feel more like authentic content than traditional advertisements.

Invoke Curiosity

Employing quotes or intriguing descriptions in your ads piques viewers’ interest and entices them to learn more about your product. For instance, using phrases like “Unlock the secret to glowing skin” or “Discover the skincare revolution” ignites curiosity and prompts viewers to stop scrolling and delve deeper into your content. By arousing curiosity, you create a sense of anticipation and desire in the game of online video advertising. This will motivate potential customers to explore your product offerings further.

Leverage Social Proof

Incorporating social proof and reviews in your ads enhances credibility and fosters trust among potential customers. Featuring testimonials from satisfied customers or endorsements from influencers reinforces the value and effectiveness of your skincare products. By showcasing positive experiences and real-life feedback, you alleviate doubts and objections, making it easier for consumers to make purchasing decisions with confidence.

Think in the lines of Mobile-optimization

No discussion on online video advertising is complete without mobile optimization. Ensuring your videos are optimized for mobile-first viewing, particularly using vertical video formats, maximizes reach and engagement among smartphone users. With the majority of social media consumption occurring on mobile devices, adapting your content to fit smaller screens and vertical orientation enhances accessibility and user experience. By delivering seamless and visually compelling mobile experiences, you capture the attention of on-the-go consumers and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Include a Clear Offer

Clearly communicating your product’s offer and benefits in the video ad is crucial for capturing viewers’ attention and driving action. Whether it’s a limited-time discount, a free sample, or a special promotion, clearly stating the value proposition encourages viewers to take immediate action. For example, showcasing a “Buy One, Get One Free” offer or highlighting the skincare benefits of your products effectively communicates the value proposition and incentivizes potential customers to make a purchase.

Consider 3D Animation

Utilizing 3D animation in online video advertising to showcase your beauty products offers a visually captivating and immersive experience for your audience, especially for new product launches. By leveraging advanced graphics and animation techniques, you can showcase product features, ingredients, and benefits in a dynamic and engaging manner. For instance, creating animated visuals of product formulations blending seamlessly or demonstrating the transformative effects on the skin adds a layer of excitement and intrigue, capturing viewers’ attention and leaving a lasting impression.

Experiment with Different Formats

Experimenting with different video ad formats, such as Instagram video ads, offers a valuable opportunity to tailor your marketing approach to best suit your brand and audience. For instance, you might test carousel ads, Stories ads, or in-feed video ads to gauge which format resonates most effectively with your target demographic. By diversifying your ad formats, you can assess factors like engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversion metrics to identify the most impactful approach. Suppose you’re promoting a new skincare product line on Instagram. You could experiment with carousel ads featuring multiple product images or videos in a swipeable format, allowing you to showcase the versatility and range of your offerings. Alternatively, you might test Stories ads to leverage the immersive, full-screen experience and ephemeral nature of Instagram Stories, capturing viewers’ attention with captivating visuals and concise messaging.

Pro tip: For skincare ecommerce in online video advertising, the ideal duration for a social media video ad stands between 15 to 30 seconds. This timeframe strikes the perfect balance, capturing attention while delivering a compelling narrative that resonates with viewers.

Use Expert Testimonials

Talking of online video advertising in skincare ecommerce, featuring testimonials of skincare experts and dermatologists adds credibility to your brand. For example, including endorsements from renowned skincare professionals endorsing the effectiveness and safety of your products instills confidence and reassurance in potential customers. By leveraging the expertise and reputation of industry professionals, you position your brand as a trusted authority in skincare, thereby influencing purchasing decisions and driving sales.

#2 Successful Skincare E-Commerce Video Campaigns

Mamaearth, Where Goodness is a Choice

Mamaearth encourages individuals to embrace goodness as a daily choice, emphasizing that it’s not a rare trait but a simple decision, akin to the ethos of their own brand. Their latest video campaign “Goodness with a choice” showcases real experiences from Insta Moms who have incorporated Mamaearth’s beauty products into their routines, aiming to inspire others to make similar choices for a better world.

Juicy Chemistry, Unveiling Beauty With a Why

In 2015, Juicy Chemistry, a skincare company, experienced a breakthrough moment at a Chennai show, marking a pivotal turning point in its journey. With a crowd of 20,000 attendees and an influencer endorsing its products, the brand garnered widespread attention and has since been met with admiration. In a notable influencer marketing initiative, Juicy Chemistry launched the groundbreaking #BeautyWithaWhy campaign, challenging conventional beauty standards. Through the engagement of nine influencers and the impactful hashtags #AskJuicyWhy and #GenWhy, the brand initiated thought-provoking discussions about the significance of beauty, fostering an engaging dialogue among consumers.

MyGlamm, Leading Beauty Discovery with Star Power

MyGlamm embraced the beauty discovery trend with a talented team comprising renowned figures like celebrity makeup artist Namrata Soni, alongside beauty vloggers and micro-influencers. Collaborating, they produced YouTube content aimed at showcasing innovative products and offering tutorials on their usage. Despite the ever-evolving nature of beauty trends, MyGlamm managed to maintain a leading position, consistently staying ahead of the curve!

Sugar Cosmetics, Redefining Beauty

When short-form video content was relatively new, this cosmetics brand recognized the potential and integrated it into their influencer marketing approach. Teaming up with influencers who promoted inclusive makeup application techniques, breaking away from outdated beauty standards, the campaign achieved remarkable success. This led to a substantial reach of 43 lakh across social media platforms and continues to generate two million visits per month.


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