The one thing that can make or break your digital game is content. While your website’s design, functionality, UI/UX, load times, and other factors may impact how your customers perceive you, content is your only direct way to communicate. Developing website content is about strengthening your brand communication by keeping your customers interested in what you’re trying to say.

Not to mention, when developing website content it must resonate with your target audience and search engine algorithms. Google search spiders will read your content and recognize the core of your messaging via keywords and meta descriptions. As a result, you’d have to concentrate on proper keyword insertions at the appropriate density without interfering with your users’ readability.

Here are the 5 things to consider when developing website content

Understanding Buyer Personas

The ultimate goal of your content is to speak your customer’s language and connect with their purchasing habits, shopping patterns, and general interest in the products you offer. Therefore, always communicate in the first person, and curate your content in a conversational format that will resonate with anyone who reads it.

Furthermore, the content developer you hire should be well-versed in your company’s operations, revenue goals, market appetite, and the solutions your product or service provides, as well as a demographic understanding of your target audience.

This is true not only for content but also for a website development company.

Your website’s ultimate goal

You can run a website solely for branding purposes or to generate leads, or, in the case of eCommerce, to make a sale. You should personalize your content to guide users toward these end goals. 

This is possible only if the content writer puts themselves in the customers’ shoes and understands their concerns before they take action on your website. Likewise, your website’s conversion rates can only be adequate if your audience connects with the content you post.

Maintain an interactive voice and a messaging tone

A reader will understand speaking directly to the customer more than talking about the topic indirectly in a passive format. Words in the first person, such as ‘you’ and ‘yours,’ have a more substantial impact than the opposite.

Always be clear about your offerings, leaving little room for hidden terms and conditions. The significance of being truthful in your messaging cannot be overstated. People will understand your message better if you use tonality openly and transparently.

Avoid jargon

While you may believe that using unpopular words with a different ring will make you sound more classy and professional, the opposite is true. It can be confusing and misleading to any new visitor who comes to your website for the first time. If your customers don’t clearly understand what you’re trying to sell within a few seconds of their visit, you risk losing them.

Use a casual conversational style and words that instantly connect with the end-user rather than making them work to understand what you say. This is an essential aspect of Search Engine Optimization because almost every single blog or directory content you collect should be simple and appealing enough to entice your users to look further at your website.

Churn out content layer by layer

Your existing context will become much more relevant due to your content layering, and your entire site will be interconnected. For example, assume you create a blog based on the most frequently searched keywords. Then, if you interlink it with your previous blogs near the end, the blog will be even more helpful in increasing the user’s session time.

These various layers will improve your overall website and everything else you provide through it. Always prioritize the creation of pillar page content. This pillar page will be a detailed content piece in which you explain all elements of your niche service offerings on a single page. You’ll also be branching out your content here and linking it to your other blogs in the same space.


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