Having a rough time trying to come up with a captivating domain name for your website? Fear not. We have got it covered!

A domain name symbolizes the brand that you stand for, your identification on the entirety of the web. On account of that, it’s of pressing importance that you get the right name coined, which in turn will be designated as your first impression. Because you know what they say, first impressions last forever.

Furthermore, A domain name is crucial to all the aspects of eCommerce business and Website development like SEO targets, type-in traffic, Alexa website rank, etc. and a memorable one at that would lead to the successful creation of a webspace where people can find relevant information without your website getting lost in the cyberspace. A wrongful domain would lead to more hassle of changing it back which let’s be real is a major pain.

Here’s an easy guide as to how you can choose the best domain name in 7 simple tips:

Unique but brandable

By brandable, we mean that your domain name should be catchy, instantly appealing to the viewers, and unique as in memorable for people to come back to it. 

You do not want your domain name to be generic, typical, or common where the users often forget what your website name was,  primarily because it was too long, or stuffed with one too many keywords, or worse, got lost in the ocean of websites out there!

For example, If you own a brand around gardening and plants then you should likely go for gardenia.com rather than plants&outdoors.com

The latter doesn’t really have that right hook to it, does it?

Easy to remember and pronounce

When looking for the best domain name, you have to consider that human memory more often than not, can’t remember complex and lengthy terms. The point being your visitors should be able to type in your domain name like second nature. 

Looking at the most prominent websites like Google, Instagram, Facebook, you would notice their simplicity and easy to write spellings comes in handy to users across the web wherein they have to type in seconds if not milliseconds. And you might wanna keep it easy to pronounce so that people find it easy to refer your website to peers and potential customers and leads.

For example, fork&knife.com is way easier than finestcutlery.com or tablewareservice.com? See what I mean?

Make your website mobile-friendly 

A Study from statista.com suggests that more than 50% of traffic on the web is accessed through mobile phones. Meaning one has to ensure that half of the population on earth does not fall victim to the all hail “autocorrect”, which ensures humankind does not need to learn no spelling no more.

Some of the easiest domain names that instantly flash in your head would probably be bing.com or wix.com. And if you are no celebrity like Leonardo Dicaprio and Alec Baldwin then you might not wanna use your name. Because your smart keyboard is likely to use its mind and do some rather undesirable corrections.

That’s all sweet and jolly, but now let’s talk business, meaning SEO

A hint of keywords- not too much not too less( if at all)

I know it sounds contradicting to what is just mentioned above about not stuffing your domain name with keywords. But here’s the deal, keywords are like maple syrup on your pancakes, too much of it, and then your pancakes are just floating in sugar. Not very ideal, huh?

Use of keywords in your domain name could prove rather functional because 63% of top-ranking websites are observed to have keywords in their URL. Although google time and again brought it to our notice that keywords don’t usually have much weightage and overuse of them can do more harm than good, but in moderation can raise your brands to newer heights.

Settle upon a fitting domain name extension

 The suffix that will follow after your domain name is almost as significant as the actual name. Larger part of the web has .com as the suffix which is probably your best bet since a study indicates that 45% of the websites have .com as their domain name extension. It’s easy, reliable, conventional, and one that users are most comfortable with. I mean a.com button literally appears on your smart keyboard when you type in a web address.

Although, .com has been around for so long that it’s likely that a domain name that you arrive at is taken. In that case, you might want to invest in a .net or .org extension. Another genius way is to go for a .in or .uk or .us depending upon the country you live in which does the part of revealing your geographic location to the user.

Tools for finding the best domain name suiting your preference

If you are still befuddled,  with what domain suits your website the most, here are few places you can look for:

Thesaurus – Thesaurus has some great recommendations for names that might fit your brand.

Domain name generators: These tools are a godsend and can help you reach a long way in your search hunt for the best website name. A few great suggestions would be wordoiddomainhole.

Come up with your own words:  If you can take anything from the success of Google and bing is that, there certainly is no limit to the sky of words. If your brand is going to leave an impression on the world a made-up name will work like a charm too.

Keep the legalities in check!

You don’t want to be subpoenaed by a website with a domain name similar to or same as yours, that has a trademark registered with a ranking way higher than yours because it completely slipped your mind to check in advance. It’s not the brightest scenario but it happens more often than you want to imagine. So the better option is to check for the trademark status of the best domain name you have settled upon on the official trademark registering a website of your respective country. 

 A lawsuit of that kind is really not something you wanna get entangled in.

And by now, you may have a pretty good idea of how you should go on about your domain name treasure hunt. Even though the very common names like plants.com or books.com were taken long ago when the web had just started, you still have a great chance of finding something peculiar and unique of your own.