In today’s world where technology took over everything, modern Indian parents find it difficult to organize their family to get in the way of quality time with them, especially with kids who are immersed in their play stations and smartphones. In addition to this, the challenges of coping with family and work are huge on working parents and it certainly is not easy to remember everything about what every family member’s schedule and their needs amidst their busy schedule.

With an idea to organize the family for a better life in this tech-savvy era, the client came up with a path-breaking solution to make the most out of mobile devices and apps to create a helpful family organizer app- Wushi, specifically for Indian users. We took the task of designing the UI and UX for their family organizer app in JAN 2019.

Challenges in UI/UX design:

In essence, Wushi is a family organizer app that helps you stay ahead of all your family needs. To design the UI and UX for a family organizer app like Wushi that helps Indian parents keep track of chores, groceries, to-do lists, and shared family events, a well-researched and well-planned execution is needed since, the app is to be used all the members of the family comprising of all age groups including kids, adults, women and elderly.

A design that pleases everyone in the family seemed quite ambitious to achieve and the UX design experts at Brandshark took it up as a challenge to design a UX that goes with everyone.

Brandshark’s Research:

As the first step, we conducted detailed research and analysis to come up with a strategy to design the User Experience. Our research included,

We surveyed the Indian parents to understand the difficulties and challenges they face regularly in organizing their family chores.

  • We surveyed the Indian parents to understand the difficulties and challenges they face regularly in organizing their family chores.
  • We did secondary research by studying the competitor family organizer apps in the market.
  • We also analyzed other team organizer and scheduler apps like Google calendar, Apple calendar, Evernote, Google notes, Apple notes and Trello to understand their UX flow.

Brandshark’s UI/UX Design Solution:

Upon our research, we concluded that people needed a good family organizer app that has simple UX flow to help solve their stress points and to make their life easier. We understood that every family’s needs would be different and there can be no single perfect app for all families. So, in order to provide the best design to the family organizer app that suits the needs of Indian families, we figured out the stress points in an Indian parent’s daily life,

  • Tracking the chores.
  • Planning events.
  • Keeping notes.

We designed several prototypes and subjected them to severe user testing(and later uat testing once the app was developed) before finalizing the design. The design and testing took us 1 month. We finalized a simple UX for the family organizer app that was easy to navigate by everyone in the family including kids and the elderly. The UI was designed with a seamless flow to guide the users to achieve the intended task. We experimented with the colour of the design and finalized a colour that gave the users, the feeling of trust and loyalty. We chose the colour ‘Guardsman red’ (the primary colour used by the world’s most trusted news site CNN) as our primary colour.

Thus, as a result of Brandshark’s hard work and technical expertise, we delivered our client the perfect UX design for their family organizer app with an easy and simple UI specifically for Indian users that improved their family organizing efficiency and simplified their day to day activities.