What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping in India is a retail fulfillment method where any business or individual conducts the business without maintaining a warehouse & stable inventory. 

In this case, the merchant doesn’t have to maintain a full-fledged inventory, order stock in bulk, or physically fulfill the orders. Instead, the dropshipper will ship products on behalf of the merchant.

Dropshipping & India

Dropshipping in India is the most cost-effective way for rising entrepreneurs to start an online business with minimal investments. As the e-commerce market in India continues to bloom, dropshipping has emerged to be one of the most important aspects of it. Some of the biggest dropshippers in India are Bluember, IndiaMart, and TradeIndia. 

Why Choose Dropshipping in India?

There are several reasons why this could be considered a good choice to kickstart your e-commerce business. Let’s dig deep into the benefits of dropshipping in India & How you can make money from it. 

Stress-Free Inventory Management

With this business model, you no longer have to worry about managing the inventory. This helps businesses save plenty of time and other crucial resources, which helps them keep the focus on other aspects of their business.

Suitability for Low-budget

Dropshipping in India reduces costs significantly because with this model the retailer need not have to pay or invest in anything until & unless the order is placed and paid for by the buyer. This helps businesses minimize the risks and the merchant can devote the capital toward operational & marketing costs of the business.

Cater in Wide Range & Variations of Products

Indian consumers are known to explore before making a purchase. This means that the business must be equipped to hold enough inventory and supply of such items, which is again difficult. Dropshipping has no boundaries on maintaining an inventory and has a low setup cost; it helps you present numerous products & diversified variations of an individual product without worrying about the overheads.


With this kind of business model, you get an opportunity to work from anywhere. All you need is your computer & a stable Wi-Fi connection to cater to your consumers & connect with your vendors. You can be present anywhere in the country and control your E-Commerce business as there are no fixed assets attached to your business.


Dropshipping in India makes it feasible for newcomers to prosper in the vast e-commerce market. With its massive range of possibilities and benefits for the merchant, more and more people can be expected to turn to dropshipping to kickstart their businesses. This kind of business model is indeed a profitable one and will play a major role in attracting more sellers, buyers, and vendors to the world of e-commerce. To start your own dropshipping business, you must choose the right e-commerce website developer or deliberately set up your dropshipping business.

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