Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites where we connect with people, spread our words, advertise our business and so on. However, going forward it will also be used for job postings and hire the desired candidates. Facebook had developed this feature last year and was introduced in a couple of countries to test its usability. This year Facebook will be launching its newly developed feature in 40 more countries including India. This is indeed the most thoughtful feature developed by Facebook which will benefit both the employers as well as the job seekers.


  • Business owners can post job requirements directly from their business page and it will appear on Facebook like any other post i.e. on the page itself, followers’ news feed, and on “jobs” dashboard.
  • The job posts can be promoted and tracked just like any other posts or campaigns to reach out to a more targeted audience.
  • In the new “jobs” dashboard, the job seekers can search for jobs based on location, job status, company or industry.
  • Similar to LinkedIn, the employer can only view the profile that is publicly available or the information that has been shared directly by the candidates while submitting the job application.
  • You can review and respond to the candidates directly through Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has developed this feature aiming at small and medium-size businesses passing the benefits to the business owners by making the hiring process much simpler and cost-effective. This will not only help the businesses grow but will also let people find suitable job opportunities easily. This will have a huge impact on employers hiring for entry-level or low skilled jobs by reaching out to the large set of such audiences who are a part of this social networking site and cannot compete with other applicants on other job listing portals.

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