A US insurance marketplace company came to us to help increase their customer outreach through digital channels by setting up dedicated digital marketing campaigns for their Insurance marketplace company. We analyzed the difficulties our client had in the marketing perspectives and conducted thorough research to find the key selling points. This helped us identify the areas that needed improvement and the areas we wanted to work on. Our next step was to find our target audience to start our digital marketing campaign.

Target audience:

Based on our research, we divided our target audience based on these demographics.

  • Individuals who were seeking Obamacare.
  • Married women, since women are the deciding authority in most American families when it comes to health care.
  • Employers who were providing health insurance for their employees.
  • People who were eligible for Medicare, a government program that provides insurance for people with low income over 65 years of age.
  • The African-American population and the Mexican people living in America who were looking for ACA.

Our approach:

We wanted to revive their brand and give it a new outlook, without having it lose its originality. So, we planned to redesign and rebuild their website using tools like Adobe XD for wireframing, prototyping and design and WordPress as Content management system for development. 

  • We designed several prototypes for the website using Adobe XD and subjected it to rigorous user testing.
  • The design was tricky to achieve as our target audiences were both men and women. With the majority being women, we needed a secondary design colour to complement the website without the brand losing its originality.
  • After various design trials, we finalized the colour ‘Amaranth’ to be a part of UI design.
  • We finalized the design that had an attractive UI and was able to provide a seamless experience for the end user.
  • We built the website using WordPress.
  • The website was built to have several calls to action blocks that were always visible to the end users.
  • It had call and chat features for both PC and mobile versions.
  • It had blogs, reviews from real people and it showcased all the insurance carriers that enabled the people to trust the website.
  • As they were more focused on ACA, and ACA open enrollment in US is from November to December, we customized the website to have a special section that highlighted the ACA enrolment in those months.

We designed several landing pages to customize the website experience to suit each type of audience and to increase the website rank organically. As a result, the website received a lot of organic leads and there was a significant rise in Alexa and ranking of the website on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).