Did you know that Instagram stats report over 1.3 billion users using Instagram daily? As an interesting video-sharing platform, Instagram has certainly created quite a wave around the globe. Creators- newbie or experienced- prefer Instagram to grow their audience over other social media platforms, such as YouTube or Twitter. While it may sound like a song in a loop, there is no denying that Instagram is highly addictive and influential in connecting with your audience. 

From promoting your portfolio to your business, Instagram helps you connect with your audience and eventually grow your business. However, engaging your audience is never an easy task, no matter the platform. After all, improving your account engagement requires a lot of commitment and brainstorming new ideas. If you are an Instagram creator whose inspiration bone has gone on a trip for some time now, read this article to learn five creative ways to engage your audience through some amazing Instagram video ideas.

Promote Your Content via Teaser Instagram Videos

Teaser videos are here to stay. A sneak peek into your upcoming videos or reels is perfect for engaging your audience and ensuring they are coming back for more. Teaser videos need not be too creative. But, as Instagram stats suggest, a hint of suspense or surprise always works in the long run. Your video teaser can be of the following types.

  • Speaking to your audience to announce an offer or an event.
  • Teasing a glimpse of your final product.
  • Write a cryptic caption first and later upload related Instagram videos or stories.
  • Use multiple Instagram stories to tease your followers about any upcoming video or event.

Use Reels to Reel Your Audience In

Instagram reels are one of the most creative tools to engage your audience by adding a ‘fun’ element to your videos. The 15-seconds videos let you personalize already popular audios and effects your way. Promote your content using trending audio with some cool IG effects to work your content, leading to your content going up in the algorithm. 

Stop-Motion Videos 

Collages have never gone out of time. Since time immemorial, videos made up of multiple images have always been used to tell a personal story. You can immediately turn a plain event into a happening experience with such videos. So, why not take your audience for a fun trip back to the memory lane of any event or your product-making? 

Here is a fun idea that you can also try to create this Instagram video to improve your reach. If you are the CEO of some company, take still images every day for the entire week. Make a story-based collage out of these to show your viewers what you did on Monday, Tuesday, etc. We are sure that your audience and that ‘crazy’ Instagram algorithm will surely appreciate your interesting Instagram video ideas. 

BTS Videos

The Behind-the-Scene or BTS videos are arguably the best way to build and enhance the trust of your audience in your business. Such videos help showcase to your followers that you or your business are not ‘always’ perfect like these reels. Always remember that the audience loves originality and rawness. Telling your viewers that there is more of a human side to you and your business behind these filters will surely make your audience and customers feel like part of your journey.

One of the most widely used creative ideas for a BTS video includes creating a time-lapse video. Instead of vlogging the entire day, show your audience a time-lapse video clubbed with a lovely melody. Here is a fun fact: time-lapse Instagram video ideas are super-easy to implement. You can even create these time-lapse videos using your regular iPhone or Android smartphone.

Create Unique Video Content

How often have you scrolled down your own Instagram feed and felt ‘meh’ seeing the same type of Instagram video ideas repeatedly? Many times, right? The first step to standing out is to create content that leaves your audience surprised. Look for ideas that tell your story or business in a new way. Look around the internet or other social media platforms for inspiration. 

For instance, play around with ideas related to the live Instagram stories. Most IG live videos are either event- or chat-oriented. So, instead of doing a live video that most IG viewers are accustomed to, spice up their expectations a bit by doing a live instructional video. Show your audience your version of instructional steps that you might use to manage workplace stress.

Uploading Testimonials of Your Customers or Fans 

People are more likely to build trust in you or your business if they hear what others say about you or the product you sell. Therefore, if you could, make sure you request your followers who have bought something from you in the past to share their real-life experiences about your product to create Instagram videos.

  • Make multiple testimonial videos and then upload them at a regular interval. Leave a caption that tells your audience that there are more such upcoming videos. 
  • Upload a collage of testimonials on IGTV and post it as short videos.

A Few Things to Keep In Mind

A good Instagram video is where you can see and hear the content without forcing your eyes and ears to make a lot of effort. We are sure that you most certainly do not want your audience to struggle while watching your video for a second. Before you use these amazing Instagram video ideas to engage your audience, here are a handful of tips to help you. Some of the key skills that you should work on to improve your overall video-creating skills include:

  • Use better lightning to enhance the feel and vibe of your video.
  • If you do not have access to a better camera, ensure that the light is falling on the object you are targeting to take a video of.
  • When interacting or using too many dialogues in your videos, use a high-quality microphone.

Finally, if you think your Instagram video ideas are exceeding the regular format of IG as you used either of these video ideas. You should not limit your creativity because of this time limit. You can always take many unique routes on IG to glue your audience. For instance, IGTV. If you feel your content exceeds the time limit, move to Instagram TV or IGTV, where you can post videos of length that can go up to 10 minutes long. 


There is more common between Instagram and marketing than you might think. This is why creators around the globe chose Instagram to influence their audience and market. The power of Instagram is indefinite, and literally, anyone can use this powerful social media platform to their advantage. So, don’t wait too long and use these unique Instagram video ideas to up your Instagram marketing game!