Tik Tok is a revolution in its own right. It is still unbelievable how it made lip-syncing as a contagiously influential trend. Tik Tok is estimated to have around 200 million users, most of who are teenagers. Started as an entertainment-based app, Tiktok has now transformed into a true blue millennial trend. In fact, owing to Tiktok’s ever-increasing popularity, many brands have also started using it for advertising and marketing purposes. Some big brands include KitKat, Beiersdorf, etc.

Many brands have now started turning to Tiktok for advertisement purposes. This collaboration has become so viral that Tiktok is now offering new and customized advertisement options through content partnerships with brands. Tiktok is also in collaboration with some brands for designing templates of advertisement creation, for example, #HashtagChallenge, 15-second vertical video ads, etc.

The most common way brands use Tiktok for advertising their products and services is by hiring social media influencers to create custom content and post it on their respective social media pages. These influencers, also known as ‘Musers’ are therefore channels for influencer marketing campaigns. A very recent example of this could be the Honor 9 and iDiva collaboration on Instagram.

Many times, Tiktok also creates soundtracks and music which brands use for their advertisements. An example of the sweeping influence this trend caused is the ever famous ‘Dame tu Cosita’, a music track that literally ruled Instagram and Facebook for months together.

Trends show how influencer-marketing campaigns undertaken by brands using Tiktok have time and again proved successful. Let us now look at some potential advantages that Tiktok offers.

As a platform, Tiktok truly incorporates entertainment, an element very crucial for advertisements and ad films. It is an infectious social app that lets you lip sync your favorite songs for a 15-second video featuring your rendition. This makes the app very entertaining and engaging. These elements also contribute to the overall effectiveness of an ad video. Ad videos hosted on Tiktok exemplify infotainment.

Tiktok is extremely popular among teenagers and the younger generations. Using Tiktok for advertisements purposes, therefore, is a very effective way of reaching out to the younger audience. For demographic specific videos especially, which stratify age and location, ‘musers’ can also share their location which helps them reach out to the audiences in physical proximity. Therefore, Tiktok is a great way of connecting to the masses and specific target audiences.

Influencer marketing campaigns on Tiktok showcase some of the top influencers promoting a specific brand. As a user, this seems very genuine since we see our favorite social media influencers explaining or promoting a product. It is almost like a brand promoting a brand. Influencer marketing campaigns, therefore, add to the credibility of the marketing efforts undertaken by a brand.

So as we saw, Tiktok is a new-gen, unconventional and currently one of the greatest tools being used for marketing and advertising among the new generation.

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