Digital Marketing is an ever-changing area of business and it is important to stay updated with the new trends entering the marketplace. With an aim to become more visible to our audience and to reach out to them quickly to grab the business, we need to understand the new trends in digital marketing and the latest developments in the industry.  Our society is highly driven by digitization and in turn, our industry is influenced by the customer behavior. Consumer’s demand for personalized experience and advancement in technology has led to a shift in digital marketing!


  1. Advancements in AI & Behavioural marketing: All these years, a lot of data have been collected and stored related to customer browsing patterns, website usage, and content preference. This has helped the marketers create personalized messages to address these prospects. However, this was not enough and now we have the technology to analyze the data collected and create customized content and push it to customer profiles based on their behavior which is liked and accepted by the audience at large. Hence, marketers have started using this tactic to increase the user engagement and interact better with the prospects.
  2. Implementation of ChatBots: Digital marketers are using Facebook messenger and chatbots to improve their customer service. The benefit is that the chatbots can be easily be integrated with the mobile apps tapping the mobile user segment. It can be easily be developed and provides real-time insights to run personalized campaigns.
  3. Usage of Virtual and Augmented reality: Yet another trend focusing on user experience. Marketers use Virtual reality and Augmented reality to provide user-engaging experience to attract the target audience, one of the major differentiating factor helping brands drive their business!
  4. Usage of Live Video: Most of the Social media platforms are now switching to professional live video to increase the user engagement. It is a great way to stay connected with the audience!
  5. A shift to voice search: With the advancement in technology and increase in smartphone users, customers are interested in using voice search for their queries. Thus, the marketers need to optimize their web content accordingly to answer these queries.
  6. A rise in Influencer Marketing: Brands will focus more on collaborating with the online influencers and bloggers to create brand awareness.
  7. Privacy protection will be a major concern: Consumer will prefer those brands whose prime focus is information security. Marketers will pitch the privacy protection as a differentiating factor in their product offerings.


The new trends in Digital Marketing revolve around the fantastic user experience for the audience. There is more focus on personalized content and campaigns for your target audience which will help you stay ahead of your competitors. Content still remains an important factor in driving your business. However, engaging content like live videos or user engaging interface will make you win the race!