This case study which sheds light on the marketing of organic products provides insight into a leading avant-garde firm offering natural herbs and herbal goods. The business endeavors to provide its consumers access to a diverse assortment of top-notch herbs in raw and powdered forms as well as other herbal goods at incomparable prices. The organization that promotes Ayurveda remedies that are exclusively natural and organic also aims to encourage rural, tribal, and village artisans and farmers who grow ayurvedic herbs as well as to uplift and empower women entrepreneurs by championing their Ayurvedic businesses. Needless to say, the brand was successful in exceeding the perceived quality, value, and standards of the business and its product among its current client base. Although the company has always placed a high premium on satisfying its existing customers, its growth had stagnated.  Following this, the client in question reached out to us for the marketing of organic products. 

After prudently assessing the client’s objectives, demands, and finances, a skilled team connoisseur in the marketing of organic products and others alike at Brandshark worked to devise a plan that catered to the goals of the client while also committing to increasing revenue. The approach called for developing a website that mirrored and complemented the brand’s identity and current web design trends, as well as implementing a well-researched SEO strategy tailored for the marketing of organic products. As a corollary of the dedicated and diligent exertion of the team of professionals in the field of marketing organic products, Brandshark – A creative digital marketing agency was able to assist the client rank better in search results and generate more visibility online, increasing the likelihood that prospective customers will click through to their site and convert. In terms of numbers, we were able to:

  • Increase organic traffic up to 24.37%
  • Stimulate sales up 10% compared to the previous year
  • Raise keywords ranking on the first page from 23 to 287 keywords.


With its history stretching back fifty years, the client is a crème de la crème in the industry owing to their authenticity and refusal to compromise or breach the caliber of their merchandise. Their steadfast conviction that Ayurveda can facilitate mindful nutrition, stress management, and the maintenance of a holistic lifestyle is one of the primary contributors to their success. Contrary to companies that offered packaged and counterfeit herbs, which were then common in the industry, the client’s varied assortment of raw herbs—which featured more than 4000 varieties—sparked a cataclysm.

However, the company’s biggest drawback at the time was that it had no digital footprint, whatsoever. This meant that the sales were limited and the world was missing out on a variety of quality herbs. The business only existed among a handful of local Indian businesses and small marketplaces. As might be expected, their sales were exponentially low in comparison to the potential the business possessed. An enterprise can enhance its identity and garner the credibility and recognition they need to draw in more clients by having a strong internet presence. Online presence not only makes a business conveniently accessible but also provides customers with a quicker way to learn more about what the firm has to offer. Additionally, having an internet presence tends to make it smoother for the company to commercialize its goods. Customers could make informed and conscious purchasing decisions owing to a well-written, well-designed, and engaging website. The internet offers a marketing platform that enables businesses to more affordably reach a larger audience than they could with long-established and customary marketing strategies.

The company’s modest budget was another significant impediment that hindered its progression. For the same reason, several of the marketing strategies that may have been employed were promptly crossed off the list. One among them was online advertising. The business decided against employing advertisements because of the shoestring budget. 

Following the alarming rate at which their business dwindled and sales moribund because of the aforementioned reasons, the client sought to establish their digital market presence, expand their business across the globe and promote awareness of the brand by harnessing performance marketing and social media. Following a thorough assessment of the client’s needs, Brandshark was committed to the marketing of organic products offered by the company.


Despite the many limitations in terms of the budget that the client put forth a sophisticated and practical plan was woven that proved to be effective for the marketing of organic products owing to the Brandshark teams’ expertise. 

  • We began by building a pragmatic, user-friendly website for the client that was immaculate in terms of aesthetics, functionality, navigation, and coding. The expert team of Web developers and designers at BrandShark worked together to produce a structured and coordinated website that sought to be identified by search engines, engage customers, and boost conversions.

By the launch of the website alone, the sales were organically boosted from 15k per month to 1.2 lakhs of sales over a year.

  • The website launch also signaled the commencement of a tried-and-true SEO approach developed by our team that composed building blocks out of layers of linked tactics that built upon one another. This was a complex and well plan that included conducting keyword research, selecting target keywords, improving the foundational elements, introducing targeted content, raising awareness, etc. Growing public awareness of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, rising consumer desire for natural products devoid of chemicals, and supportive government measures all pointed to increased competition in the Ayurveda industry. For the same reason devising a plan that would help to leave a significant mark in the industry was challenging. However, methodical research conducted by the Brandshark team, unearthed a loophole that we were certain would help in amplifying the company’s voice. 

The research demonstrates that businesses with active sales did not produce any informative content like blogs, whereas businesses with dormant sales published a boatload of content that was not SEO friendly. Brandshark devised a strategy that struck the optimal balance between SEO-friendly informational content and content that generated sales. Weakly four articles that either discussed the advantages of certain herbs or provided instructions for using certain herbs to treat maladies were published with inbound links to the client’s product. As a result of this, we were able to raise keywords ranking on the first page from 23 to 287 keywords.

Additionally, the average search volume for a keyword associated with the brand that appears on page one climbed to 1,500. The tireless and dedicated efforts of the Brandshark team have borne fruit, as seen by the company’s organic traffic growing by 24.37 %.

Having a website and online footprint strategy allows you to showcase your business online to a wider audience. The significance of including a thorough SEO strategy from the inception of a website design project cannot be understated, regardless of whether the website is being designed from scratch or going through a website redesign project. Worried about how to do so? Reach out to us to dispel any worries you may have about making your website both SEO-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it is the marketing of organic products or the marketing of EdTech services we at BrandShark have answers for all of your marketing concerns.