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Whether you need to introduce your company, launch a new product in the market, show company growth, record a webinar/podcast or have a unique idea of how you can incorporate a video into your marketing strategy, we can steer you in the right direction. Contact us now and put our in-house video production service to work for you.

Video Production Service

Product launch video for Zetor tractors

Product launch video are the perfect way to showcase your new product or service to the world in a creative and engaging way. Our team of video professionals will work with you to create a high-quality video that highlights the features and benefits of your product, and tells your brand story in an engaging and impactful way. We can help you promote your product launch.

Brand video for Magniflex mattress

Experience the art of storytelling with our latest commercial shoot for an eco-friendly mattress, filmed with the state-of-the-art Sony FX3. This commercial ad video showcase highlights the essence of sustainable comfort brought by magniflex , brought to life through stunning visuals and expert craftsmanship..

Corporate video for Algonomy X McDonald’s

This video, produced by Brandshark, captures the significant enhancements in efficiency and customer satisfaction achieved by McDonald’s through the use of Algonomy’s analytics tools. It was a privilege to collaborate with Algonomy and McDonald’s, highlighting the transformative impact of data-driven decisions in the fast-paced retail sector.

Promotional video for an upcoming fashion brand

At Brandshark, we are thrilled to unveil our latest project: a captivating promotional video for an exciting upcoming fashion brand. Our creative team has meticulously crafted a visual narrative that not only highlights the unique identity of the brand but also resonates with the aspirations of its audience. Utilizing cutting-edge filming techniques and a keen eye for detail, we’ve managed to encapsulate the essence of the brand’s innovative designs and ethos. This project stands as a testament to Brandshark’s commitment to excellence in video production

Corporate video production for Racanaa Energy solutions 

Brandshark crafted a corporate video for Racanaa, a company dedicated to providing solutions for achieving net-zero goals. This video showcased Brandshark’s ability to convey complex environmental and sustainability initiatives in an engaging and informative manner.

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