With the increase in efficiency of technology and a parallel shift to the digital world, chatbots have and are continuously growing to be a requisite tool for businesses. They are loaded with a legion of benefits that can have a direct or indirect impact on the company’s growth, customer base, sales, etc. Free chatbots for websites help businesses save costs, and provide around-the-clock service for their customers or potential customers. Chatbots are now widely used as a tool of communication with customers on many websites of corporates. 


Artibot helps businesses with three main factors that include capture leads, schedule appointments, and collect appointments. They have numerous templates that are customized to the field in question. The free version has many features including, Google Calendar integration, Developers API, and many other beneficial features. Artibot helps developers with Code Messages, Webhooks, and JavaScript API. 


Engati is one of the best free chatbots for websites. They offer numerous features that let your business build and structure your personalized chatbots. In a few couple of minutes, you can build your chatbot without the use of coding and programming with Engati. They have their presence in many industries including, Travel, Retail, and E-Commerce, Education and Government, etc. Some of the features offered with the free version of Engati include Conversation Flow Builder, FAQ with a state-of-the-art NLP Engine that delivers personalized experiences, Multilingual support, Omnichannel Support which includes Twitter, Kik, Line, etc. 


Drift is one of the excellent free chatbots for websites for a variety of reasons. Drift helps businesses focus on revenue acceleration which combines conversational marketing and sales. They have different pricing plans for ease. Their free plan includes a variety of features like Integrations and API that include calendar, Google Analytics, and Slack. The other helpful free features are live chatbot, email fallback, mobile and desktop app, etc. 

Zoho SalesIQ

Among the many free chatbots for websites, Zoho SalesIQ stands out because of its unique characteristics. They help you drive customer engagement with their unique features. Their Visitor Tracking feature allows you to track customer/visitor insights, identifying your most valuable leads, etc. Along with the different Smart Chatbots offered (Answer, Custom, and Codeless), they also have different modes of communication (LiveChat, Remote Access, and Audio Calling, and Screen Sharing). Another free feature that is extremely useful is integration with other Zoho apps like Zoho CRM, which is one of the Top 5 Free CRM Softwares for Small Businesses in 2021


Tidio is perfect for automating lead generation and customer service.  Like the other free chatbots for websites, Tidio also has a myriad of free features like live chat, chatbot, and mailing features. JavaScript API, both desktop and mobile apps, visitors info, and 3rd party apps integration are a few of their unique free features offered to small businesses and micro-businesses.  

In this digital age, chatbots are beneficial and soon a requisite for your business to succeed. These 5 top free chatbots for websites, can be a useful tool to unlock a plethora of advantages that chatbots offer to your business.