Technology is growing, and the world is moving toward digital transformation at a brisk pace. Millions of people visit tonnes of websites every day, and businesses need to build visually appealing UI to make the users stay on their platform. With every new trend and change, users’ expectations grow every day. Top UI design trends in 2023 are all about satisfying the users’ aesthetic requirements while providing them with a high level of usability.

As a UI designer, you should constantly learn, improve, and extend your design skills to be up to date on the current market trends. Here are a few UI design trends in 2023 that you should be aware of.

1. Large font sizes for clear communication

Using large font sizes is one of the top UI design trends in 2023. Small font sizes not only make it difficult to read the text, making the page look cluttered and overloaded with information, but can also give the impression of an outdated design.

Large font sizes help to draw attention and make users read more content with less effort. With larger fonts, it is easier for users to scan through the text and quickly identify what they need. This trend is especially important for mobile design, as font sizes often look too small on smaller screens.

Take a look at this example for the large font sizes UI trend in 2023:

2. Accessibility becomes ever more important

To reach more people, you need to make sure that your website is designed for accessibility. This means ensuring the site can be used by people with disabilities or impairments. In 2023, accessibility has become a legal requirement in European Union member states under European Accessibility Act. To ensure that your design meets this requirement, you should include accessibility features such as alt tags, font size options, color contrast, keyword shortcuts, and voice command options. Regardless of your location, it is imperative to adhere to and implement accessibility standards for all products and services by 2023 as not only does it improve usability, it will eventually be adopted by all countries in the next couple of months.

Take a look at this example for accessibility UI trend in 2023:

3. Asymmetrical layouts

Top UI trends in 2023 are all about throwing the rules out of the window and discovering a new style. One such UI trend is breaking the grid and going with an asymmetrical layout. With asymmetrical layouts, there is a lot of room for creativity, and they add a unique personality to the design- Ditch that traditional template, use a wild font that is not as readable, and leave the users baffled by putting some elements over the top of other elements. The asymmetrical layout UI trend in 2023 gives you endless opportunities to break out of the conventional design pattern. 

Take a look at this example for the Asymmetrical layout UI trend in 2023:

4. Augmented reality (AR) in the real world

Ever since Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, the hype around the Metaverse exploded, and then quickly declined quickly. While metaverse may take some time to be more successful, Augmented reality (AR) is being utilized in UI design more than ever before. AR can enhance the user experience by adding virtual objects or animations to a real-world environment. AR is used in iOS’s Measure app to automatically measure a person’s height, in Instagram when you use the filters, or in Snapchat to create Snapchat lenses. For example, when shopping online, AR can be used to display a 3-D model of the product onscreen and let users view the object from different angles. In 2023, this technology is becoming more widely adopted in UI design as it adds an extra element of interactivity and functionality for users.

Take a look at this example for AR UI trend in 2023:

5. Micro-interactions

Micro-interaction is one of the best methods to improve user engagement and experience. This UI trend is gaining much popularity in 2023. Micro-interactions help make the user interaction with the system much easier and smoother. It can be anything from catchy push notification, a simple sound that gives an extra point to the design, or animation that guides the user. It is these small things that make the users want to spend more time in your mobile application or webpage. 

Take a look at this example for micro-interaction UI trend in 2023:

The landscape of UI is transforming continuously and 2023 so far has been a path-breaking year as far as UI design is concerned. As the dependence on digital products and the internet grows every day, the need for an intelligent UI design that satisfies both the customers’ expectations and usability is growing. So, check out these top UI trends in 2023 and unleash the creative monster in you!