As human beings, often we don’t realize what we need until someone makes it available to us. That’s when we feel that this is something that was much needed. It is in our nature to be always wanting more that can make our lives easy and convenient. Innovation is a never-ending process and tech giants like Google, Apple, Facebook and few more have always amazed us with ongoing upgradations in their technology. Recently, Whatsapp has added a new feather in their cap by introducing “Whatsapp Business App”. This was launched recently to help the small business owners connect easily with their customers, respond quickly to their messages and a lot more additional features have been added to make their job easy and convenient. It enables them to have their business presence on Whatsapp, connect with more customers and grow their business exponentially. What could be more fun and exciting than closing business deals over a WhatsApp chat with the customers!


– Whatsapp business requires a separate phone number (landline number can also be used). Customers can send messages to this number, however, for verification one can choose “call me” option to get the verification code. WhatsApp business account and WhatsApp Messenger both can be installed on the same device.

– A business profile has to be added to help customers find valuable information such as Website, business description, contact details, address etc.

– “Quick replies” feature saves and reuse messages that are frequently sent. This will not only save time but will help in responding easily to common questions or queries.

– Nobody likes to be unanswered, Whatsapp business has made it easy for all the marketers by adding automated messages feature which will help them set “away messages” whenever they are busy! They can also create greeting messages to introduce their business to the customers.

– They can access the statistics of their messages which were sent, delivered and read.

In addition, Whatsapp business includes all other features of Whatsapp messenger that everybody has already been using. In India, the app is available on Google play store for all Android users, for IOS it will be launched soon.