Digital trends are transforming the Indian market. Mobile Apps are now being used aggressively to market products. Low-cost smartphones and competitively priced data packs have compelled users to switch to mobile internet.

India in its endeavour to be a less-cash society has switched to the use of mobile wallets, banking cards, internet banking, mobile banking, Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) etc as its mode of payment.

The Mary Meeker Internet Trends report, widely known for its critical insights into subjects ranging from smartphone adoption to cutting-edge inventions by tech companies, highlights the falling data prices in the industry.
It tracks a pattern of people in India investing more time on cell phones and the surge in the number of mobile apps downloaded on Google Play.

Uber, the app-based cab service, since its debut in the Indian market, touched the 500 million ride mark on 17 July 2017 and 5 billion ride mark worldwide on 20 May 2017. These numbers reflect how vast a user base you could achieve with an app.

Zomato, a restaurant search and discovery service, with its millions of users helps decide where to eat or order from. Zomato’s app service makes it convenient for their customers to choose and decide from over a million restaurants, on the go.

Paytm, India’s mobile payment and e-commerce platform, since its launch in 2010 has successfully secured 100 million downloads. In-spite of having a website Paytm’s the decision to launch a mobile app has proved to be valuable to them.

The lesson here lies in the fact that, it is not the services alone that helps differentiate but, also the convenience accompanying it that helps.

These insights are just a glimpse of the potential of what can be accomplished with an app today.

Why Are Companies Investing In Mobile App Development?

The global trends are changing and so is the dynamics of marketing. Changing lifestyles of people have prompted companies to adopt better ways to lure customers into buying their products. Therefore, if a company has its own app, it gives that business a competing edge.