Manually handling your business’s marketing can be an overwhelming task. Implementing a powerful marketing automation platform can give you the ability to optimize both conversion rates and overall success, as well as monitor multiple channels with precision targeting. However, not all solutions provide adequate tools for special use cases – if your company operates within the B2B market, it may require different strategies than those intended for other markets.

What Is Marketing Automation Software Used For?

With marketing automation software, you will find yourself saving precious time. This incredible software tool automates mundane tasks while minimizing human mistakes, helping you reach your desired goals. Rather than expending energy on tedious procedures, channel those efforts into more strategic endeavours such as campaign designs or setting objectives; research and development; brand recognition and KPI measurement to name a few examples.

Many associate “marketing automation” with automated email campaigns, yet this powerful tool is capable of so much more. Aside from optimizing your emails, marketing automation software will make it easier to carry out tasks like:

  • Generating leads, nurturing, and scoring.
  • Segmentation and targeting of audiences.
  • Upsell and cross-sell activities.
  • Retention programs and customer loyalty.
  • Utilizing analytics and reporting to sharpen marketing and content approaches (such as adjusting the subject headings or delivery times) can be an advantageous tool.

Marketing automation software also leverages customer data to create an enriched and customized experience for each individual. This will help optimize the Customer Experience (CX) at every touchpoint across different channels. Even a business website design company also uses marketing automation software for their projects’ success.

How Does Marketing Automation Software Work?

Digital marketing campaigns are made easier with the help of automation software, which is designed to handle most tasks and workflows associated with these activities. For eCommerce website development company, this marketing automation software is quite useful. The program operates using six distinct steps:

  • Gather information about potential customers by monitoring their website visits, app engagement, email taps, and other digital marketing activities.
  • Combining collected data, content is crafted that is both informative and beneficial.
  • Segment and pinpoint the ideal customer base to build tailored campaigns.
  • Craft targeted campaigns based on prospect segments to deliver personalized experiences through a variety of digital channels, such as email, social media, mobile apps and instant messaging.
  • Initiating customer activity and planning events, cross-channel workflows guide customers through the sales process or support them until they are ready for marketing campaigns.
  • Carefully assess and monitor the outcomes of marketing efforts to pinpoint areas in need of improvement, thereby maximizing return on investment.

Marketing Automation Platforms To Choose From

To help you pick the best marketing automation solution for your business, we have compiled this list of top-rated B2B solutions. Every provider has been carefully chosen based on their Authority Score, user reviews from trusted software review sites and our proprietary five-point criteria.


Acoustic’s Marketing Cloud platform offers companies across industries a comprehensive suite of tools and insights to create customized campaigns through digital channels, powered by AI-driven marketing automation. Specifically, the Acoustic Campaign product grants B2B marketers access to lead scoring capabilities, segmentation strategies, CRM integrations for customer profile data analysis; web tracking solutions; personalized campaign management; real-time analytics and many other useful features that will help improve engagement levels and boost sales figures.


Acquia is the ultimate DXP for any business that seeks to create, host, measure and communicate with its customer base through websites or digital apps. With Acquia’s multichannel automation tools, B2B and even B2B2C companies can maximize campaigns by automating workflows to nurture leads via funnels while personalizing experiences at the same time – a key factor in boosting brand awareness! Specific features include personalized campaign customization as well as contact list management & journey analytics.


  • By relying on AWS, setting up and learning the cloud architecture is already done for you. If you have no experience with AWS, it would likely take a great deal of time to get comfortable with its setup – but luckily that’s not something you’ll need to worry about when using Acquia.
  • Boasting an expansive support team of highly knowledgeable and responsive Drupal professionals, this platform is sure to meet all your needs.
  • With this platform, you are seamlessly provided with regular updates and assistance in the event of any issues that arise related to the platform.
  • With the Acquia dashboard, managing and customizing deployments is effortless. Through its comprehensive array of hooks, you can configure your site with ease without needing to delve into configuration files. Furthermore, it offers a suite of monitoring tools that provide valuable insights for optimizing performance.


  • Their service may not be considered cheap, but it is worth the money. You can find similar hosting with features for half of their price.
  • If you’re looking for a Drupal-only hosting solution, then look no further. However, if you want to upload anything non-supportive of the same platform (eg. WordPress), it could cause various issues and it’s likely that the support team won’t be able to help out with any queries or problems you might have.
  • Acquia provides secure, reliable deployment solutions that can be implemented with a sophisticated architecture; however, these powerful tools come at a cost and may not result in superior performance when compared to other options.


Adobe’s powerful Marketo Engage marketing automation platform allows B2B companies to easily identify, engage, and streamline customer experiences. Diving deeper into the suite reveals that this game-changing product offers a variety of features such as email marketing, revenue attribution, lead management tools and more – all designed to help businesses lure in customers with automated campaigns and measure success rates for high-value leads. Additionally, Integrating with Adobe Experience Cloud provides access to AI-driven analytics and content optimization capabilities that promise unbeatable results.


  • Adobe Marketing Cloud has developed powerful capacities and applications that will improve the efficacy of any digital marketing venture. It provides opportunities to manage content, gain meaningful insights, and optimize campaigns for maximum reach.
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud goes above and beyond by providing users with a host of tools, such as A/B testing, content management solutions (CMS), and campaign management capabilities.
  • Not only does it provide the power to gain insight with Analytics, allowing you to better comprehend user behaviour, but it also helps unearth valuable actionable findings.


  • Adobe Marketing Cloud offers outstanding support to its majority of customers, however, this service could be improved for smaller clients. To ensure successful customer satisfaction and engagement with any sized clientele it is important that all businesses prioritize the development of their customer services in order to achieve maximum results.
  • Adobe doesn’t provide its customers with the opportunity of multiple price points that correspond with their usage.


B2B brands can use Creatio’s multi-channel marketing solution to drive customer journeys, speed up lead-to-revenue cycles, personalize cross-channel communication for a better user experience, segment audiences more effectively, manage campaigns seamlessly across multiple channels and boost conversion rates. All of this is possible with the integration of all its sales and service apps on one comprehensive platform with multiple capabilities. These include personalized email marketing, website behaviour tracking, event management, embedded machine learning, lead scoring, and more.


Oracle offers a vast range of cloud-based marketing solutions, such as Eloqua, Bronto and Responsys. All options bring unique advantages to your marketing strategies; while Eloqua is perfect for B2B campaigns, Bronto targets the B2C market. By leveraging its exclusive automation capabilities that support closed-loop strategies, lead nurturing within buying cycles, multi-channel efforts and more – users are able to gain an edge in their industry with Oracle’s powerful suite of tools. The platform leverages the power of Oracle CX Marketing, integrating its versatile modules including advertising, commerce, content management, account intelligence and CDP for more effective outcomes.


  • Oracle simplifies content sharing in a single environment, making it effortless for multiple language business units to view successful emails/campaigns and adapt them to their own businesses. This allows each company the ability to take advantage of best practices that have been used elsewhere.
  • Oracle encourages collaboration and sharing of knowledge by giving each user uniquely, customizable permissions. With this feature, you are able to restrict or grant additional rights as necessary for your organization’s specific needs.
  • Oracle gives unprecedented control of when, where and how to incorporate critical marketing decisions within your campaigns, providing the opportunity to capitalize on customer/contact feedback rather than relying solely on email outreach.


  • Lacks a comprehensive user overview, allows for easy control and visibility of usage. Instead of having to cross-reference with Excel, a better report system could be implemented to allow users to manage the data in a much more user-friendly format.
  • Lack of transparency between errors leads to an overall lack of emergency maintenance as technical bugs are not addressed until the overall system is fixed.


We hope this guide has built an understanding of how marketing automation works and why it’s such a valuable addition to many businesses today. Yet, we also want to emphasize that it doesn’t do everything for you. What really makes marketing automation special is its ability to foster meaningful relationships with more qualified leads than your team could on their own – all while providing personalized content when customers are searching for it! creative digital marketing agency usually provide their services through marketing automation software. It can even help amplify the value of your content by tracking metrics like open rate and click-throughs, ensuring that every piece of material reaches the right customer at precisely the right time.