Are you aware of how huge the restaurant and foodservice industry in India is? According to a recent report, in 2020, the market value of the Indian restaurants and foodservice industry was about four trillion Indian rupees. The restaurants and foodservice industry is growing and will continue further. With growth and job opportunities, this industry invites competition. This competition acts as a challenge for local businesses. Many local restaurants and bakeries have started to take measures by driving their business online by offering online deliveries through websites and web applications. But is that enough? No! How will you create brand awareness without SEO? A well-versed strategy of SEO and marketing for restaurants and bakeries is essential to attract new consumers to your website and try your products. 

If you own a food outlet, restaurant, bakery or cake shop franchise, this SEO case study of a dine-in bakery and cake shop will help you see how SEO can transform your local business.

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Problem Statement of the Bakery ‘C’

A Dine-in Bakery Shop came to Brandshark stating that they are facing a problem attracting new leads to their website. The company wanted to target a larger audience near their location and desired a higher rank in google search results. Also, they wanted us to optimize all of the web pages of their website for search engine optimization. The perfect solution to their problem was to plan an excellent well researched SEO Strategy. 

Our Efficient SEO Strategy to Improve Website Traffic

SEO in digital marketing plays a vital role in boosting the website rank and traffic. SEO is an organic method to attract potential customers consistently without any monetary investment. On the other hand, paid advertisements give you immediate results, but you constantly have to keep investing money. Organic SEO is better than paid advertisements as SEO provides continuous growth with good sustainability, absolutely free. So, here we are presenting you with the essential ingredients of our successful SEO strategy. 

Analyzing their Products and Finding Relevant Keywords:

For executing a strategy of SEO in Marketing for restaurants or any business, it is crucial to study and understand the products and services of the clients. Initially, we gathered information about the keywords that have higher search volume on the web. We found and listed all the relevant keywords, especially long-tail keywords, for reaching a specific audience. Currently, we track 55+ high traffic non-branded keywords for their website, out of which 25 keywords rank on the first page on Google. Initially, only two keywords out of the total keywords were ranking on the first page of google search results.  

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Putting the Keywords to Use and Creating Good Content:

With the help of available keywords, we started generating content ideas. Gradually, we started writing quality content and SEO based articles for their website. We focused on offering quality content over quantity content with good consistency. With ten months of continuous efforts, the global website ranking increased from 662633 to 170773. That’s phenomenal. Isn’t it? The India rank of the website escalated from 84653 to 28311. Along with good website ranking, the domain rating of the website also increased from 5 to 15.

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Using Relevant Keywords in Title and Meta Descriptions:

Users tend to click the website that provides them with relevant information, product or service. Relevant titles and descriptions of the website pages can help to target the right audience. If your titles and descriptions are not updated or irrelevant, users won’t visit your website. For the bakery, we upgraded 40+ web pages with new titles and meta descriptions with the use of relevant keywords. Better titles and meta descriptions help the algorithm understand the content of the webpage and ranks them in relevant searches. 

Currently, the website had 6.5M total impressions in the last six months. We knew that we were on the right strategy of SEO and Marketing for restaurants and bakeries, so we continued our efforts in this direction with more steps towards achieving more audience and engagement. 

Engagement via Interlinking: 

Offering good content is an excellent way to reach prospects. At the same time, you must not forget the old content of your website. Through interlinking, we directed the users to old content so that they browse more on the website. Interlinking relevant information helps to create user-friendly navigation for the visitors, which in turn helps in reducing the website bounce rate.

Reports and Analytics:

For a complete overview of our SEO and Marketing for Restaurants and Bakeries, we generated reports that tracked all the SEO and Marketing metrics weekly like impressions, organic traffic, total users of the website, new users of the website, etc. The weekly report helped us in tracking which part of the website needs to be improved. The ranking of keywords fluctuates constantly, so tracking them will help you to improve lower ranking keywords. Let me share some of the data with you! The keywords appearing in the top 10 google search results are 7104, which was 1634 at the initial stage. Also, the number of keywords on the 1st page of google search results are 1064 as compared to 86 at the project commencement. We mainly track and focus 55+ keywords as they are highly competitive and targets a larger audience. Also, the main reason behind tracking 55+ keywords is that our client wanted us to rank their website on that particular search results.

SEO in Digital Marketing is Important!

SEO is the heart of Digital Marketing Strategies. Many local and small businesses tend to overlook SEO in digital marketing. We hope that this case study will alert you to improve your strategy of SEO and Marketing for restaurants or any other food outlets. Start your SEO Strategy with us. At Brandshark, we offer various digital marketing services like SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Advertisement Management and many more. Our motto is to empower local businesses to reach a global market with our strategic digital marketing services. 
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Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels