In this era of digital marketing, advertising has taken up more pace through digital channels. All companies prefer digital marketing because it helps to reach a large audience on a limited budget. It refers to advertising through SEO, social media, content marketing, websites, etc. Digital marketing has become one of the most important learnings in the e-commerce sector. Google has taken up an initiative to provide basic learning through its course.

What is the Google digital marketing course?

Google has a digital marketing course offered by its Digital Garage Library. It consists of 26 modules that have separate quizzes and case studies with 40 hours of time investment. All modules have section-wise questions on specific topics and then a topic-wise test that you need to pass to earn a badge. After completion of all the modules, you will be awarded a Digital Marketing certificate by Google. 

Why Google Digital Marketing course?

  1. Cost

As the importance of the course is increasing, the options available to learn are also growing. Investing in offline classes or paying hefty fees for classes can be avoided as this course is completely free. Google is providing all the learnings free of cost which is extremely helpful and worthy.

  1. Learnings from experts

We get an opportunity to learn and brush up on our skills with the help of everyday experts by Google. Anyone can learn to grow their business online regardless of their background, skill level, and knowledge.

  1. All digital learnings in one course

The certification consists of core modules for search engine optimization, SEM, Google Adwords, SMM, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and web analytics. This covers all the necessary skills to kick-start your business or start outsourcing as a digital marketer.

  1. Improve your CV

The course will surely add a good impression to your CV as it is offered by Google. It will give you opportunities for high-paying jobs and internships. Traditional marketers can also take up this course and enhance their knowledge to another level.

  1. Flexibility

The course is designed for 40 hours but one can take it as per availability and according to the learning pace. You can explore all the forms of digital marketing and then decide what kind of job you like to apply for.

There is no limit to how much you can learn with digital training! After watching tutorials from everyday experts and taking up topic tests, you will build digital marketing skills to promote yourself and your business online. You will learn how to get noticed by the right people, and how to make the most of the web to achieve your goals.  

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