It is undeniable that customers prefer websites with impactful appearances and captivating features that are easy to understand and comprehend. Customers not only want good services but also expect a smooth user experience from the website they visit. In terms of a website, if UI is the tire then UX is its rim, the more durable the better performance. Both UI and UX are the two sides of the same coin, both are harmonious and neither can succeed without the other. This article will help you understand the importance of the user interface. But first, let’s take a glimpse at “what is a user interface?”.

What is a User Interface?

Simply put, the User Interface is the place for user-computer interaction and communication. For a website, it is the link between users and a website.

User interface refers to those qualities which make a website, application, or software easily accessible for users. User Interface is not just the look and feel, but much more than that. It’s a combination of attributes and features that your website or software provides. A good User interface is a combination of design, good human-computer interaction, appealing graphics, organized layout, proper screen fit, and good typography among other characteristics.

In general, UI is further divided into three sub-categories:

  • Graphical control Interfaces (GUI) such as the desktop operating systems and mobile operating systems that use GUI.
  • Voice-controlled interfaces (VUIs) smart assistants like Siri, Alexa, and google assistance interact with humans with artificial voice.

Gesture-based interfaces are the most recent type and include 3-D design spaces, VR games, etc.

importance of user interface

What is the Importance of User Interface?

The user interface not only serves one but many purposes for a successful website application such as handling traffic, attracting visitors, linking seamlessly with users’ needs, helping visitors understand the overall website, and other technical features.

To build confidence and acquire new customers

A quality user interface builds a confident environment throughout your website that users find trustworthy. Customers are automatically attracted to a website that is well designed, easy to navigate, delivers the right information, and is not jarring. 

The competition is always high, and competitors are trying hard to improve user interface and design to attract the same audience you are working hard to impress. Having a good user experience keeps your website a step ahead of competitors and helps you stand out for your audience.

To increase customer conversion

As mentioned earlier, user interface design is one of the main ways to increase traffic to your website. A good UI design captivates your visitors and persuades them to stay longer on your site. According to Forbes, a good user interface raises the conversion rates by 200%, and better UX designs can further increase them up to 400%.  A good UI design is an intelligent interface that can assist visitors to buy your products and also provide a great user experience. Since visitors are impressed by an impactful website, there’s a higher chance that they’ll turn into a customer and go on to recommend your website to others, which is free mouth-to-mouth advertising for your website.

To reduce confusion and boost customer retention

The purpose of UI is to make a website as user-friendly as possible. If a website has a disproportionate setup, poor color contrast, unnecessary pop-ups, and haphazard grouping of tools it will be confusing for visitors to move ahead in the website. UI designers ensure that a website is tidy, organized, appealing, and problem-solving. This will attract more customers and result in better conversion rates. Customers who like your website will be loyal to your brand. With a better SEO, your website will further improve in reaching a greater audience that will boost traffic and maximize customer retention. 


UI is a pivotal aspect that plays a major role in ensuring that you have a unique and loved digital footprint. The browser you are using, the software you are working on, your operating system, the websites you visit, and all the digital products you use are solid examples of the user interface. User interface and design make accessing the digital world less complex and more friendly. That’s the reason why big companies focus on better user interfaces. If you are starting and think that your website could use a better user interface, do contact a professional UI designer who can do it for you.

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Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay