If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video has to be worth more than a million. Studies reveal – 64% of consumers rely on online sources of information when deciding whether or not they want to look at a certain listing. While 39% of homebuyers today rely on online real estate videos solely, the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers reported that 51% of buyers found the home they purchased on the internet. But what kind of real estate videos should agents be creating? Does video help sell real estate properties? What might be the necessary pin-points of these videos that agents need to target? Let’s get started. 

1. Videos That Showcase Your Property and Project 

Enter Virtual Tours. These tours can significantly enhance the caliber of your leads and increase your conversion rates. Through captivating aerial perspectives, you can effectively showcase the entirety of the property, emphasizing its dimensions, design, and surrounding attributes in a manner that traditional methods cannot replicate. Drone videos in real estate not only offer an engaging and immersive journey for prospective buyers but also ensure that your listing leaves a memorable mark, setting it apart from rivals.

When curating real estate videos, remember that you’re not merely promoting a structure; you’re showcasing a lifestyle. It’s crucial to convey this essence in your video. But, how to shoot real estate video? Capture top-notch 360° aerial footage, emphasizing the property’s attributes to captivate viewers. Highlight its features to help potential buyers envision themselves living there. Additionally, include a CTA and an enticing proposition to prompt action. However, if it’s too overwhelming for you, go ahead and leverage the services of a video production company in Bangalore who would be able to do a professional job just at ease! 

2. Informational Videos That Educate your Audience

Information is power. And, every realtor likes to know what’s happening in the real estate industry. Why is that? Because you provide information and assistance on a subject that is a pain point for several people entering the real estate market to buy or sell homes. Start by compiling a list of commonly asked questions. Organize the responses to these queries into concise nuggets of information and deliver them through video content. To maintain viewer engagement, incorporate cuts, transitions, B-rolls, and textual overlays to inject variety and prevent monotony.

For example, produce videos demonstrating prime buying locations and important considerations. Guide them on tasks such as conducting online property title deed searches. Similarly, real estate videos covering market news serve as invaluable resources for both agents and clients. By providing updates on market trends, fluctuations, and forecasts, these videos empower viewers with crucial insights for informed decision-making. For clients, staying informed through such videos enhances their confidence in making strategic real estate decisions, whether it’s buying, selling, or investing. Remember, if your target demographic appreciates your informative content, it fosters trust, potentially leading to successful real estate transactions in the future.

3. Client Testimonial Videos That Speak Volumes

Testimonial videos from satisfied clients stand imperative for real estate marketing strategies. These videos can greatly enhance the success of your real estate agency. If you encounter a willing client eager to express gratitude for your assistance, be sure to inquire about their satisfaction with your services. Positive client testimonials can make other people trust your business. Posting a testimonial video can draw more clients your way. However, always include a Call to action at the end of every video. To craft a testimonial video that resonates with your potential clients, invite them to respond to several questions such as:

  • What motivated your decision to relocate?
  • How did you discover our services?
  • Describe your experience since moving into your ideal home.
  • Would you endorse our services to others, and if so, what factors influenced your recommendation?

These real estate videos provide powerful social proof, boosting credibility, trust, and confidence in your services, ultimately driving conversions and attracting new clients.

4. Videos that Showcase Locality and Region

When creating real estate videos, real estate agents should focus on capturing the essence and unique features of the locality and region. This includes highlighting key landmarks, amenities, attractions, and the overall lifestyle that the locality offers. Agents should incorporate real estate aerial footage, street views, and interviews with locals to provide a comprehensive understanding of the community. You can use it to showcase your strengths as a realtor and why people should work with you when they want to sell! 

Additionally, overlaying informative text or narration can further enhance the viewer’s experience by providing context and details about the neighborhood’s demographics, schools, transportation, and nearby facilities. By showcasing the locality and region effectively, agents can attract potential buyers or renters who are not just interested in the property itself but also in the lifestyle and surroundings it offers. Additionally, agents can add bits and proportions of properties that they’ve already sold. This stands as a great way to build trust with people looking to sell their homes. In other news, agents can collaborate with the services of real estate photography anytime, for achieving top notch results! 


In a world where visuals speak louder than words, real estate videos are your ultimate ace in the hole. From property showcases to heartwarming client testimonials, these videos are the secret sauce to sealing the deal. We, at Brandshark, are the premier corporate video production company in Bangalore, on  being more than just good. So, let us infuse your properties with our expertise and creativity, ensuring they stand out, captivate audiences, and drive remarkable results. Your success story starts here!