Images can communicate a message, sometimes clearer than words. It is important to consider how images can boost your conversion rate. Through images you can not only target audiences but also their emotions, thinking, and behavior.

Customers these days expect freshness, glamor, and personalization every time they visit a site. According to research conducted by Invesp – 56% of shoppers are more likely to shop on a site that provides personalized results. This post lets you know how you can use great images to influence customer relationships and boost your conversion rate to your site.

How can you use images to boost your conversion rate?

Appealing to your customer’s emotions with the right images

Humans are emotional beings, and the majority of our decisions are emotion-driven. Using images that appeal to the emotions of people can make them feel right and engage further in buying your products.

When you let users imagine and experience your products through images, they get a sense of belongingness making them confident about your product. For example, Lenskart, an eyewear retail chain, allows a 3-D takeover of the frames for the users before buying.

It’s undeniable that the perks of leveraging emotions can be very powerful, what matters is how you do it.

Using Quality Images to Boost Conversions

Using quality images on your website’s landing page can make a very good first impression. Images need not be very huge to annoy users and also not very small. It has to have an appropriate ratio to suit your products and brand style.

Moreover, the quality of your images shows how serious you are about your online reputation. Selling your products on e-commerce platforms, social media, and websites is very competitive, and a high-quality image can set you apart from other sellers on the platform. Also, using highly zoomable images allows customers to explore every detail of your product, which can further increase the chances of conversion.

Use Humans To Elevate User Experience

You can boost your conversion rate by using human faces. When potential customers see products used by other humans in images, they can easily imagine themselves using that product. This can trigger their exact emotions and lead them to buy your products. 

Moreover, using models to showcase your products builds a realistic picture of the product. For example, a listing and catalog website selling clothes can showcase models wearing the attire, giving customers a sense of the size and delicacy of the product.

Optimizing images to Boost Conversions

The adage “content is king” is rightly said and if that is so, designing is the queen. By using both quality content and design for your site, you can leverage the power of an image. On average, optimized images improve engagement and drive traffic to your site.

Using mobile-optimized and high-definition images build a brand’s value in the customer’s mind. Below are some optimizing practices that you can follow:

  • Offering multiple viewing angles of the products can decrease the return rate to your site.
  • Adding products with all the variants available can add value to your products and acquire customer attention.
  • Informational images provide value to customers and help in decision-making.
  • Using 3-D product images can boost your conversion rates by 40%.

Show Yourself different

With so much diversity on the internet, it’s important to present yourself differently from others. It’s a fact that people these days want to see something new on every platform they visit, and with today’s technology, you can achieve that difference by leveraging how you work and imagine.

One of the ways by which you can show yourself differently is by adding a 360° product view feature. Sites that display products in 360° view enjoy 30% higher conversion rates than those that don’t.


People are skimming from site to site to uncover the best products. Needless to say, creating a good first impression through your product photographs is crucial for a profitable and efficient website. Putting images that people can relate to works better for making an emotional connection. Moreover, honing your artistic style can make a lot of difference in how your site will be viewed publicly. So, consider the mentioned points and use images effectively.

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