Companies are continuously working to enhance every element of their operations to provide a seamless and delightful client experience. This entails determining where the firm falls short and learning about the best practices used by rivals to work on updating business models. This is where competitive benchmarking comes into play.

What is competitive benchmarking?

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Competitive benchmarking is a process of examining rivals and industry leaders for strategies, methods, and services that may be used to build performance comparisons and benchmarks. This is a means of adjusting to industrial procedures while also preventing market share loss.

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For example, a corporation may perform poorly in terms of client engagement while its competitors may portray favourable outcomes. This can pose a significant danger to consumer retention. To discover performance gaps, the organization can conduct competitive benchmarking to answer questions such as:

  • Which companies are doing the best in terms of consumer interaction and engagement?
  • What is the company’s standing concerning its customers?
  • What unique techniques have rivals implemented to improve their client experience?
  • Is there any unexplored touch point of the firm that the rival is using?
  • How do customers rate the firm and its rivals in terms of measures like the ease of use, customer service, and visual appeal?

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Why go for competitive benchmarking?

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Competitive benchmarking is an effective method of preserving a competitive advantage. You can keep current with the finest market practices by watching how your firm and rivals operate.

You can’t stop improving no matter how wonderful your company is or how well your services are received. An industry-leading global Competitive Benchmarking service assists telecommunications firms in better understanding their performance, improving operations, and expanding their competitive edge.

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Benefits of Competitive Benchmarking

  • Competitive benchmarking is an excellent performance analysis approach. As a corporation, you can observe your strong and weak aspects, and whether your rivals exceed you in those areas. If so, what are the essential practices that have propelled them ahead of you and captured the attention of the customers? These practices serve as industry standards or the highest bar that the firm must meet or exceed to position itself as a market leader.
  • This further stops corporations from placing their money in the incorrect basket. Companies may discover faults with their present techniques, but identifying the best modifications that will undoubtedly deliver with their target audience is a shot in the dark without thorough market information.
  • Competitive benchmarking simply displays the methods that your closest competitors and other big names in the industry have used.
  • It classifies a technique as “hit” or “miss” and steers the firm in the appropriate path.
  • Furthermore, there is no requirement to assess anything. Identifying the KPIs (Key performance indicators) that have the greatest influence on your operation is sufficient to narrow down the benchmarking procedure. 

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