In this fast-paced interconnected digital world, the heterogeneity of devices makes it utterly important to have responsive websites for your business to provide a unified experience for all the users. It is a known fact now that the mobile usage has increased drastically and has overtaken desktop usage in the last couple of years. People prefer browsing through their smartphones or tablets than the desktop, might be because of the convenience of handling the device. This dramatic shift in the user’s behavior has instigated the business owners to invest in responsive web design. And hence, providing users with better experience and flexibility while browsing through their websites.

Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

  • Responsive web design gives an edge to your business by being flexible across all screen sizes or devices.
  • Attracts the users to browse your website, read your content and navigate the site with minimum effort.
  • It is also an important factor in Search Engine ranking. Sites with responsive design loads faster and hence, boost the search engine ranking.
  • Not just that, the social media sharing becomes much easier and faster. Thus, increases your reach and helps in brand promotion to the larger set of audience.
  • The website maintenance becomes much smoother as you have just one website to look after. You might not have to compulsory invest in a mobile application apart from desktop website.

Responsive Websites have now become the industry standard, you should redesign your website if it’s not mobile/device friendly.