Let’s consider Nike’s Swoosh logo for a bit. Today, Nike is more than just a brand; it’s a global emblem of sportsmanship, perseverance, and creativity. But central to Nike is their legendary ‘Swoosh,’ brought to life in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson. While the Swoosh took Davidson around 17.5 hours, it’s worth is nearly $26 billion at the moment. Nike’s story underscores the potential for a novel and inventive approach to logo design. Fast forward to today, as we navigate through 2024, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are driving innovation across various sectors. But, does AI live up to its promises in logo creation? Below, we’ve researched and evaluated the top 5 AI tools for logo design. Let’s dive in.

What to look for? 

Selecting the right one amid wide-ranging AI tools for logo design is a daunting task. This involves understanding your business’s specific needs. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all solution; the key is to find a tool that aligns with your requirements. Ask yourself:

  • Do you need a free tool, or can you invest in one with advanced features?
  • Are you looking for a simple logo, or do you want extensive customization options for colors, graphics, and fonts?
  • Do you require a logo generator with icons and templates tailored to your industry (e.g., healthcare, technology, food)?
  • Which generators offer styles that best capture your brand’s essence – classic, modern, or playful?


Looka stands out as our top choice amid the AI tools for logo design. It strikes a perfect balance with its user-friendly design, comprehensive customization features, and cost-effective pricing. Looka excels especially for businesses seeking a versatile logo that maintains its appeal across diverse digital platforms. The intuitive interface makes the logo design process unexpectedly enjoyable. With a vast array of templates and customization options at my disposal, you can swiftly explore various styles and refine the appearance until achieving a logo that impeccably matches your brand’s vision.

What do we like about Looka? 

  • Seamless drag-and-drop editing: Easily rearrange elements, resize icons, and experiment with various layouts.
  • Multiple file formats available: Download JPG, PNG, SVG, and even PDF files for utmost flexibility.
  • Optimized for social media: Includes ready-to-use templates for quick branding on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Great affordability: Paid plans provide excellent value with unlimited logo revisions.
  • Extensive customization options: Adjust color schemes, explore diverse font libraries, and utilize a vast collection of symbols.


Whether you’re a solopreneur or a small startup, Wix Logo Maker empowers you to craft a logo that resonates with your brand’s identity and goals. Amid all the other AI tools for logo design, Wix stands out by simplifying logo creation and website branding for businesses already on the Wix platform. Featuring advanced customization like layering and opacity adjustments, it ensures your logo appears contemporary and polished. The platform demonstrates the effortless integration of your logo into your website builder. It offers numerous customization choices for designing the logo, and automatically applies the logo across your entire site.

What do we like about Wix? 

  • Automatically integrate your logo across your Wix website for consistent branding.
  • Enjoy easy-to-use editing tools for simple customization of colors, fonts, and icons.
  • Free for use with premium Wix plans, providing additional benefits to current Wix users.


If you need a hassle-free logo in minutes, Hatchful is worth checking out. It’s a reliable choice among the other AI tools for logo design. For budget-conscious businesses aiming for a basic logo without any initial costs, Hathful does wonders. Developed by Shopify, Hatchful Logo Maker is particularly suited for startups operating on a tight budget, being a free logo design solution. You can choose from a diverse selection of over 100 pre-designed templates and customize them to suit your brand’s identity. Moreover, the tool provides branding guidelines and social media assets to ensure a consistent brand presence across all channels. Additionally, it offers premium options for expanded features.

What do we like about Hatchful? 

  • It’s completely free to use without any sign-up required.
  • Includes ready-to-use logo files optimized for social media platforms.
  • Features a straightforward interface and intuitive editing tools, making it user-friendly.
  • Perfect for those who are new to logo design, offering a hassle-free experience.


Turbologo is recognized for its vast image library that aids in crafting sophisticated logos. Alongside, it provides a user-friendly editor and a wide selection of professional logo templates that work seamlessly on different devices. Unlike other AI tools for logo design, Turbologo stands out by offering extensive logo ideas and choices without relying on auto-generation, allowing users to select from numerous presets based on their industry and color preferences.

  • Turbologo provides a wide range of templates to choose from, catering to different design preferences and styles.
  • Once a template is selected, users can personalize it extensively using Turbologo’s editing tools.
  • The platform offers a spectrum of design elements, including 2D logos, sketches, advanced 3D icons, and minimalistic designs.
  •  Turbologo suggests logo options tailored to specific industries, aiding in targeted design choices and brand alignment

Tailor Brands

Apart from the other AI tools for logo design, Tailor Brands is a platform that supports new businesses in their establishment, management, and expansion. Beyond logo design, it provides services in web design, and graphic design. Tailor Brands serves businesses across diverse industries, ensuring whether you’re in retail, services, leisure, or technology, they can craft a logo that reflects your brand’s identity effectively.

What do we like about Tailor Brands? 

  • Tailor Brands offers mock-ups of your logo across different formats like websites, social media, and business cards to visualize its application.
  • Users can experiment with design elements without the need to sign up or pay upfront.
  • Tailor Brands allows you to define your industry and provide specific details about your business, aiding in brand differentiation within your market segment.


The top AI tools for logo design can certainly help you save time and reduce costs for your brand, but minus the human touch. However, for a logo that truly reflects your core values and resonates with your target audience, it’s essential to rely on professionals. At Brandshark, we incorporate industry expertise to create high-quality custom logos. Being a  top tier web design and branding agency as well as a video production company, we have in-house experts across multiple disciplines.  Some of our services include: brand strategy and design, video production services, digital branding, custom web design and development, corporate video production and website development services among others. This means your logo design will be reviewed by a diverse team, including digital strategists and brand designers. Looking for a logo or comprehensive branding solutions? Reach out to us right away.