When a video breaks the internet, everyone sits up and takes notes. But what’s the science behind going viral? It’s simple: people watch, love, and share them with others. And what does it take for your videos to be loved and watched by the people? Skills. The same skills that every single corporate video production house must possess. In such cases, crafting a video that tickles people’s fancy enough to pass it along to their peers is the essential factor. And once the video catches on, it’s like a snowball reaction. There’s no going back! So, in this article, we’ll look at the top 5 corporate product videos till date that went viral, accompanied by our insights all at once. 

The Last Call for Mr. Paul (Red Bull)

Ever experienced the rush of being late for a flight? Not a pleasant feeling, right? Well, for freerunning sensation Jason Paul, it’s just another day at the office! As he navigates from the ticket counter to the boarding gate, Red Bull playfully incorporates typical airport scenarios. Their aim was to integrate these elements seamlessly, avoiding overly staged stunts. Jason infuses his unique style throughout, showcasing the fluidity that has earned him acclaim in the freerunning community. The end result? A thrilling chase through Munich airport reminiscent of a Hollywood blockbuster. With over 150 million views, Red Bull has hit a new target for corporate product videos, more so by posting a guide teaching people how they do it. 

Our insights: 

No matter how satisfied you, the athlete, or the customer may be, if corporate product videos fail to reach an audience, its impact is diminished. Fortunately, Red Bull’s ‘The Last Call for Mr Paul’ has garnered over 45 million views on YouTube alone. Its reach extends even further across additional platforms like Facebook and Red Bull TV, nearly tripling its audience. Moreover, the clip received exposure on international television and enjoyed continuous screening at Munich airport. The potential reach? Infinite!

Volvo Trucks (ft. Van Damme)

When Volvo aimed to showcase the reliability and accuracy of their dynamic steering, they took a bold approach: they enlisted Jean-Claude Van Damme to perform the splits between two of their trucks. Corporate product videos are the winning formulae. But this one was even better. Featuring Van Damme, accompanied by Enya’s music, the video was set against a stunning Spanish sunset backdrop. Admittedly, not everyone has the resources for such grandeur, but one aspect worth emulating is its single-take execution. Videos captured in one continuous shot have the power to enthrall audiences, particularly when they involve impressive feats or stunts.

Our insights: 

To begin with, no CGI was employed and he actually did the split. However, precautionary measures such as a safety harness and other unseen supports were utilized to prevent the actor from falling. Volvo Trucks opted for a conventional marketing strategy, leveraging press releases, social media, and traditional media channels. The commercial swiftly became a viral sensation, blending creativity, celebrity influence, and a concise message seamlessly. Van Damme’s association with action and mastery perfectly complemented Volvo’s message of precision and strength in their trucks.

Dream Crazier (Nike)

Over time, Nike has produced numerous advertisements aimed at motivating individuals to pursue their aspirations. This specific advertisement, featuring a voiceover by Serena Williams, highlights female athletes and their progress towards equality in sports. “Dream Crazier” debuted during the Oscars and quickly gained traction, amassing over 6 million views on YouTube and more than 28 million on Twitter within a single day. Concluding with Nike’s iconic tagline, this impactful and inspiring video manages to infuse “Just do it” with fresh significance in just 90 seconds.

Our insights: 

Among all the other corporate product videos, Nike’s ‘Dream Crazier’ embraced authentic storytelling, highlighting personal narratives and challenges. Employing a multichannel approach, Nike leveraged social media, video advertising, and partnerships with influencers to amplify the impact. The “Dream Crazy” ad, showcased during high-profile events such as the NFL season opener, garnered widespread attention. The campaign ignited conversations and debates on social justice, equality, and the role of brands in addressing these issues, pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing. Afterall, that’s what corporate video production is all about!

Three decades in the making with Renault Clio

Speaking about the video, Adam Wood, Marketing Director at Renault UK, said: “Renault brings people’s passion for life a little closer through our cars. We wanted to humanize and celebrate, not just thirty years of progress of the Renault Clio, but also the progress made within culture, society and life in that time.” This Renault Clio video operates on two distinct levels. Firstly, it commemorates 30 years of the Renault Clio. However, more prominently, it serves as a tribute to the societal advancements achieved over the past three decades. This is conveyed through a poignant and captivating love story.

Our insights: 

This one, amid the rest of the corporate product videos, transcends the typical promotional content associated with products or brands; instead, it delves into deeper narratives and themes. It captures the essence of what makes viral marketing videos so compelling – the ability to resonate with audiences on a profound level beyond mere product advertisement. 

Dear Kitten (BuzzFeed and Friskies)

The brilliant partnership between Friskies and BuzzFeed has amassed over 32 million views to date, spawning an entire series of videos centered on a straightforward premise: an older cat imparting wisdom to a young kitten about life’s intricacies. Cats, known for their ability to go viral online with their adorable and quirky antics, become even more captivating when paired with witty storytelling. Through this collaboration, BuzzFeed and Friskies have established a viral video franchise. The takeaway is clear: deliver what the audience desires!

Our insights: 

The viral sensation “Dear Kitten,” has gained widespread popularity due to its comical portrayal of domestic life from a cat’s perspective, resonating with viewers on a relatable level. Amid all the other corporate product videos, its subtle approach to a view point of domestic life from the cat’s eye that people can relate to, combined with a dearth of overt branding worked effectively. 


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