Website speed is one of the most important aspects that webmasters and online business owners need to focus on. Visitors won’t stick around if your pages are taking too long to load.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your website’s loading time for free!

1. Use a good web hosting service

Not all hosting providers are created equal – some will have faster loading times than others. Do your research and find a provider that is known for being speedy.

Here are top 5 web hosting services:


2. Optimize your images

A big contributor to website slowness is large image files. Make sure to optimize your images using a tool like Photoshop or ImageOptim before uploading them to your website. The ideal size of the images on the website should be between 200-400KB at the same time should not be pixelated.

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3. Minimize HTTP requests

Every time your website makes a request to a server for information, it slows down the loading process. Minimize the number of requests by using CSS instead of images for styling, combining scripts, and so on.

Another important aspect of website is UI, know importance of UI design

4. Use a content delivery network (CDN)

A CDN takes the load off of your server by caching static files (images, CSS, JS, etc.) on servers all over the world. This will help speed up loading times for users in other parts of the world.

5. Use a caching plugin/extension

A caching plugin will store a copy of your website’s pages and resources on the user’s computer, so that they don’t have to download them again the next time they visit your site. This can greatly improve website speed for returning visitors.

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